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12/31/2005 5:20 pm

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sailors dream

trying to write what i know is too many for one day i am interupted by continuous barking, i venture to the new edge of the creek and listen to the attractive woman on the other say something unintelligable over the roar of the creek about a truck from the other side.

i lie to her and say that i cannot get across the creek right now and go back inside where i start to examine my motivation for doing so, i mean i'm home alone and here comes a mermaid to my island, and i turn her away, i must have something wrong in the head.

back inside reflecting over my refusal,i think of the numerous women in this area that i have given roadside assistance to, two gas cans and about a barrel of unreturned gas later, i tell myself that i had better go help lest i be lumping in her in with all the others because she lacks a chromozone. time to do the neighborly thing that we who live in rural areas are supposed to do.

so pulling my boots over my close to the last pair of dry socks, i feel my way across the top of the culvert, go through the woods to the road and walk up to her truck where there are three women staring under the hood.i know two of them.

one i almost had a threesome with, her and her now husband, i opted to finish the bottle of port that night instead. she is not unatractive, but something didn't feel right that night.

the other one that i recognize owes me five gallons of gas and an apology for asking for my lighter, then running up the driveway and torching her now ex-boyfriends truck, which is still sitting there and i heard a rumor that since it was my match that started it, i should be responsible for its removal.

the vision from across the creek has no brake or clutch fluid, and from the shape of the truck, i guess other problems. she would like a tow up the hill. but of course.

i go back and get my truck and tow chain cursing myself for a fool, am i being nice or thinking with my little head?

when i pull up my gas money is produced from a few weeks ago, i hook the chain carefully so as not to injure the steering linkage or radiator and i pull her a few miles straight up the road, trying to avoid the high spots cause she has no clearance.its amazing what people drive up roads that i lock it into 4wd for.

i get up to the house and another attractive woman that i've never met emerges. i get a big hug and an invite in, as well as an invatation to stop by anytime. they know my wife is away. new years eve with four women?

the truck torcher, good looking, and now paid upon her gas, makes me leery for some reason, maybe i like my truck too much, maybe its cause gossip flys in the hills and the thought of having to deal with the visual daggers when my wife returns.

she gives me a nasty look if i turn my head to look at a girl on the sidewalk even though our physical passion for each other is nil.

never really understood jealousy myself, another marital handi-cap, i think that it is a combonation of insecurity and possessiveness and some spouses or significant others are offended if you are not. but there is much in the world beyond my comprehension and i try not to dwell on it too much.

at any rate, here i am, typing in what i know is too many for the day trying to figure out why i am not up in that living room right now instead of pushing plastic buttons and staring at a screen telling myself not to drive back up there.

how many of our opurtunities should we knock and how many are merely veiled lessons

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