married with.........  

twoandmemake3 53M
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3/18/2006 6:53 am
married with.........

"never apologize, never explain"

motto of the british secret service

been awhile
feeling fickle, foolish, frustrated
think i've come to fathom a few good reasons
not too mess with married folks
as i are one
for a bit longer
moot point to those
that i rudely left wondering
while thinking it might work
trying to make it work
wanting it to work
yet knowing how futile
my efforts were
but thats the thing
the way its designed
to make you make sure
as you pass papers through others
to one you used to be able
to talk to
to finish each their sentence
as they could yours
cold stares and silence
echo loudly in empty houses
a too familar sound for me
three three year relationships
a fourth for four
now what?
who knows
i know what not
how far can you run from yourself
and the attachments you were foolish enough
to form
many smart men
have commented on how little we know
life is lessons
sooner or later
it sinks in
or not
the trick
i think
is not to let it show
colgate smiles for all
stiff upper lip old boy
they sense weakness
fear it with frenzy
nice day
pretty sky
good food
stay shallow
learn depth
a lame excuse
to those i've slighted
this started to be
and still is

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