garbage in---garbage out  

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1/5/2006 7:52 am

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garbage in---garbage out

gentle swells reveal not gathering strength
dead calm does not portray lunar effects
currents run deep amidst unseen canyons
with scarce a ripple upon the surface
deep forces control the ebb and flow
rising to transform into roaring breakers
etching hard rock for release

like a storm at sea
she breaks the monotony
and refreshes me

do two people
with an eye apiece
see the whole picture

"every now and then, i have to remind myself that i don't care what other people think" Roseanne Barr

if apples are fruit
and fruit grows on trees
and oranges grow on trees
then apples are oranges


throwing rocks at apparitions
in dawns early light
increases my suspicions
after a sleepless night
my mind, is not quite right

if only stupid people are breeding, what does that say for the future?

the color red is not red, it just reflects red light, if it were red, it would absorb the red light

black is the combination of all colors or the absence of all light

white is the absence of all colors or the combination of all the light spectrum's

thinking of things like these
as i walk among the dripping trees
is a waste of time

chop wood, carry water, by your acts be known

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