ass of u and me = assumption  

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1/1/2006 5:32 am

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ass of u and me = assumption

just when you start to think you know the lay of the land it shifts---i am old enough to know better than to make assumptions about, or have expectations of, others.

i guess that i have been fortunate enough to meet some soft spoken intelligent well-mannered people here and had allowed myself to go off into la-la land projecting those attributes to all here.

i put up a few questions in the magazine that i wanted opinions on, i posted the question, stated my opinion in what i thought to be a non-threatening, still open to suggustion manner.

i mean why ask a question if you don't want an answer.

i should console myself about the numbers of responses that were insightful and addressed the subject--i like these posts--even if they disagree with my views i may just hear something that will cause me to convert to or assimulate theirs into mine.

then i get the few that either only read part of it, or only retained part of it, and started vehementally disagreeing with me, while attacking me personally for holding such views in the first place.

even if the person had excellent reasons for their point of view i would not have grasped them because they were hostile, and hostility doesn't make me contemplative and open to suggustion but rather has the opposite effect, i may have missed just the point i needed to hear because it was lost in the presentation.

of course, the response that i obviously had made up my mind and didn't want a response gave me a chuckle, do people like the sound of their own voice so much that they ask questions just to hear themselves talk? maybe, but why go to the trouble of submittimg a query that you have no interest in the response?

one of my favorite sayings is that everyone is good for something, if only to set a bad example

i guess i needed a reality check that human nature is alive and well here and that there are some in every crowd that will put on their persception filters to sort through your words and then arguee about their interpertation of them rather than seek clarity on your intentions with the words that you used.

i thought that i had a rather concise, to the point writing style that expressed my intentions and then i get responses that made me wonder how in the world they could have gotten that from what i wrote, or how they could have been so offended by a simple question they felt no need to maintain common courtousy or politeness.

enough of that--this is turning into a rant but my lesson for the day thus far has been not to assume that what i say will be taken in the manner that i meant to portray it and not to be expect to be treated with courtesy. but to be pleasently surprised when i am

happy 2006---five years till the mayan calander ends

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