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12/31/2005 12:02 am

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Take 1

Fade In.

The flood that I've spent two sleepless nights trying to avert has arrived and I'm strangely relieved. The creek burst its banks and is now swirling around the foundation of the house, sluicing the sand and gravel away from the footings. Another rare instance of realizing the calming effect of true powerless, I don't think that I have submerged submissive sexual desires, but rather the sereneity that comes from knowing that I have done everything that I can about a situation to ensure that the outcome will be of my liking and now I should just relax and let what may be.

I originally came here for sex, a quickie, one night stand, whatever you want to call it. After putting up a profile ( which i was polite enough to take down when i realized my blunder) which stated that bluntly with little else about who I was, and getting little to no response, I started to poke around on the groups, where I noticed alot of unanswered posts by men that listed locations and little else, I was even responsible for a few of them.

Maybe the idea of sex with someone that I feel a bond with is just something that is so alien to me that it took awhile to catch on. I am now checking in here to read a few blogs rather than see who viewed me. Maybe this is due to having established an ongoing dialog with a few folks with whom a sexual encounter may develop.

Maybe I just needed that brief moment of clairity, or to pull my head out of my ass as some would say, and try to actually get to know people here, there are alot of people here looking for quickies, sorry guys, we outnumber them ten to one, or something like that, but I did find this thing here that I had heard about but never indulged in, blogs, I found some of the best reading that i have done in years.

My plan was to come here, find someone(s) compatable, and check out. Now I think I'll stick around for awhile and see who I meet, whether a sexual encounter seems eminent or not, there seem to be some people here who think along the same lines as I and I'm happy that I stumbled in here.

Fade out.

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