Cabin Fever  

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4/3/2006 6:41 pm

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4/15/2006 7:53 pm

Cabin Fever

W. is going to be stuck in Chicago tonight and won't be coming home after all...which means no nookie until tomorrow night. That sucks. I even shaved my balls for her.

All I have for tonight is the many fantasies she's sent me. I'm a lucky man. Shit, my ex was a fricken' ice cube, but somehow I ended up with this hot one. The rest of our lives is sometimes crap, but with her, life is good. Here's a taste of her imagination...


You, me and our new found fantasy couple have decided to take a drive up to the cabin in OK. It just about dark when we arrive, after we get our luggage inside we pop the cork on a nice semi-sweet white wine. You pop in a CD and take our new lady friend by the hand... seducing her with your sensuous eyes. She follows with no words spoken... I watch as you begin to massage her thigh with your bulging passion growing ever so hard. Stroking her neck with your tongue, running your fingers deep into her hair.... causing your her to arch her back .... releasing a slight moan.

As I watch her man massages my neck and back he too watches in anticipation of his own desires coming to life. I feel my clit begin to pulsate... so strongly I can't control my desire to want to join in. I want to be apart of it and at the same time I am mesmerized by the electricity flowing between you two. I can't hold back any longer.... I pull my skirt up and slip my fingers into my panties... feeling my own heartbeat within my clit... slowly ... with my finger I fuck myself ...watching you... watching me.

Her man is watching me too.... he softly whispers... "don't stop... go deeper"... then begins to suck my neck wildly. As I arch my head back ... wanting him to suck on me so hard it hurts... now putting two fingers deep within... my sighs are released.... and at that moment I am truly in ecstasy... for I know at that moment you are watching me.... desiring me..... I can hardly breathe from the sheer visions dancing within my mind....but I have to slow down... I don't want to cum yet... I want the dance to go on...

Without a word said... I ease away from the couch and join the two of you.... kissing you while she is still dancing with you... then as I pull back and look into your eyes.... you see my desires without me even voicing pull away from her and direct her toward me... then step back to sit and watch. I slowly kiss her... tracing her lips with my tongue... slowly dancing as our breasts brush slightly together... just enough to make them hard...

We continue dancing... as I undress her to reveal the desires you already set on fire within her... you watch as I find her wetness with my tongue... slowly teasing the tip of her clit... stealing a glance of you from time to me...

I want to watch you fuck her.... I can no longer hold back this desire... I gently guide her to the coffee table and lay her down.... her man leans downs and begins kissing her wildly but not touching her with his hands... he's stroking his dick and deep throating her with his tongue.... I release your overwhelming hard penis.... gently lick off the tip...tasting your desires as they escape you... sucking your dick feverishly... to the point you push me back... mmmmmm

I look into your eyes.... and say two words.... "Fuck her".... you go down to your knees and sink your face gently between her legs.... tasting her nectar... teasing her clit with your fingers as you tongue her pussy.... mmmmm. I'm behind you massaging your dick....milking it gently in one hand while I guide your balls within my mouth... swirling my tongue all over.... then up slowly to your ass and then back down again... I hear you sigh as heighten the speed my tongue around your balls... not wanting you to cum yet I release them.... and watch you fuck her even harder now...

I want to see you two cum together..... you reach your hand behind my head and guide my face down to her.... as I begin to suck on her clit I feel her man run his fingers between my lips from behind.... your watching as I lick her pussy.... and her man fucks me from behind.... she begins to moan louder... arching her body to take you even deeper inside her....with each moan she releases causes her man to fuck me even harder.... and the harder I suck her clit..... I have my eyes closed..floating "mentally" above this puzzle of ecstasy.... seeing it all mentally and knowing you are watching me.... I can't hold back ... my own desires are heard out loud... and you respond instantly..... grabbing her hips as you submerge yourself deep within her... within seconds we all four cum at the same time.....

As you collapse back into the chair I crawl over the remove your condom.... licking you gently.... then straddle you.... as I ease myself down on you.... your dick is still pulsating... desiring...... I gently milk it .... squeezing my inner muscle..while I kiss you wildly...... as I rock back and forth ... stroking my clit up against your body I feel a rush take over my body...

I want you to fuck me so badly I rock even harder.... as you squeeze my cheeks forcibly I moan out as I cum frantically...then I collapse in your arms... I reach up to give you a sweet kiss on the cheek... so you think.... but my lips wonder toward your ear.... as I whisper... "I love you."

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4/15/2006 2:07 pm

Mmmm...that was really hot!

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