A Mental Seduction to a Woman  

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4/18/2006 4:16 pm

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A Mental Seduction to a Woman

A woman is an oasis of scent and sweetness,
An instrument of sounds and sighs to explore
I am the poet, the painter of ecstasy.
My instrument, your soft, moist canvas.

I speak without words, you hear me
In the other room you still see what I do.
You are a wonder, a surprise at every turn,
Yet a soul that mine still gravitates to.

Flesh to flesh, a caress of your breast
What will come next is no mystery.
In the physical world there's nothing new
One and one together is always two.

Flesh is flesh, but the mind is infinite
Pleasure is the expectation of lust fulfilled.
In a casual moment, within the routine,
The mental dance creates the thrill.

Come, let us play beyond the flesh,
Let me create desire in your mind.
A vision of sensual ecstasy
That lingers, aroused, deep into the night.

Come, let us take this journey,
A walk among wildflowers undiscovered.
Let me taste the forbidden nectar,
And feel the rush of pleasing a lover.


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