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5/7/2006 11:49 pm

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5/8/2006 3:27 am on going story.

He stood across the street in a dark room in another house. He gathered what he'd need hours before she came home. A chair to get comfy in, it was a large comfortable single person chair, it fit his slender ass perfectly, and still had room for him to lean back and spread his thighs into a nice relaxed pose. Beside him was a beer beside that was a vibrator, he loved to roll it around his thick ten inch cock while he was watching her.

Both items rested on a small two foot high table that came up just under the arm of his favorite chair. Beside His drink and his toy, actually her toy one she'd played with many many times was a photo lense camra. Of the highest quality.

He knew her every habbits, He watched her for months, before buying this house actually if one were to be perfectly, completly honest they would admit that he had watched her for over two years.

He'd known her as co-woker, he'd known her as friend, he'd known her as stalker, and soon he would know her in the ways that a man should know a woman he was in love with.

He gazed silently at the clock as the smoke from his cigarette the same kind she smoked, blew from his mouth slowly. It was four am on friday night. She would be home soon. His cock twitched again, and again in anticipation...she would come home, have a glass of wine, she would then begin to undress as soft music played in the background.

She liked to pretend she was a stripper. She had a private room that she brought all of her lovers, inside was a beautifully large bed, and some pictures, she'd taken them herself. Erotic art mostly, but a pole at the end of the bed, he loved watching her use that pole....his cock twitched...she would grind and fuck at it with her wet cunt.

She would masturbate against the pole.....she wouldn't bring a man home tonight, He was not aware of how he knew, he just knew when she would bring someone home, and when she would not. He saw the car pull up, the man that stepped out was good looking dark hair dark eyes, he would assume, tall driving a truck she liked truck drivers he thought. Thats why he currently drove a Harley Ford Special Addition, and spent hours working on it, she liked to visit and flirt with him when he was working on it....his cock twitched. He watched as she sent the man home without even a kiss, a slow twisted smile creeped across his lips.....Tonight..Tonight she would preform...for him alone.

To Be Continued - What should happen next?

twistedneed 33F
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5/8/2006 3:24 am

-grins some- maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe, your forgetting the other option, turning in into a true stalker story and having him be the sole focus of it, because personally i don't care how she reacts but theres so much more i can do with him the main charector -bounces and stuff- oh there will be more. there will be more.

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