friday the 15th of gr8 was that day?!  

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7/19/2005 1:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

friday the 15th of gr8 was that day?!

well as always wen i ave these mad n crazy days i was with the usual lot...oh well apart frm lula coz damn her she was on hols...but neway at least robby n eddy could make it
it all started with that old staircase between this sofa shop saying 'no admittance' admittance my arse we so had 2 go take a fact we could be like squatters n take it over lol
neway carrying on so we went up these stairs..eddy 1st but apparently theres was this dog up there n i was laughing 2 much so we came down sharpish..this happened a few times but i finally managed 2 control my giggles n there was this whole floor above the shop crammed full of sofas!.....but we thort we herd sum1 in this office so we went up 2 the 3rd floor 2 c wot was there....more sofas!this time we thort it wud b funny 2 hide n txt robby saying i was stuck n 2 quickly come(he didnt wana come up in case we gt done 4 tresspassing).....neway we thort we herd him n were rly still behind this sofa....wen in fact this pair of wedges n this big wobbly bottom appeared...defo not robby last time i checked!...well by now i rly was in hysterics n was trying 2 scream with laughter but was kinda nervous in case she found us n wondered exactly wot we had been doing!
wobbly bottom went out the room n eddy let out this lil screech n she came a few mins l8r.....well wen she finally dissapearred agn we rly had 2 leave coz we could jus pass this off as sum kinda joke...even tho he was intent on telling em if we were caught we were avin sum private me in my flip flops went clattering dwn the stairs n wen we got on2 the street we saw workers frm the shop staring at us frm the shop...ooopsie
ooh n then the othr thing...oh well we poured tons of washing up liquid in this filter in the fountain so it spread even more n then we stripped off so we didnt totally ruin our clothes n the looks we got!..guess its alrite 4 boys!...was still all foamy the v next day!....maybe nxt time we can use more n then it rly wud b fun

happychappy688 44M

7/8/2006 9:57 am

Excellent, I often go into furniture shops and pretend I am interested in a really naff item. When the sales person has finished his speel about how great it is I will stand there, chin in hand for ages, making him wait and wait, then say. "Oh sorry mate on second thoughts it looks shite" and walk out. Always leaves them in a state of shock. Done the fountain thing in a jacuzzi, now that is fun.... lol Jonathan

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