First time with a girl  

tweekster403 37F
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8/10/2005 9:07 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

First time with a girl

I really haven't had anything new to post so I decided to tell you a little bit about my first time with a girl.

Kristy and I had been friends for while now. Her and I got along so well we decided to move in together. She was as wild as I was and we were great friends. Kristy had long thick blond hair, these piercing green eyes and she had the cutest little petite body with nice perfectly round breast. When we went out we were always the center of attention. Kristy and I had talked before about wanting to be with women, but you know it was just talk.....


Kristy and I went on the strip in Carbondale and once again found ourselves having a wonderful time. We had guys trying to get our attention all night long..however I think we both had something else on our minds. We both ended up drinking WAY to much and had to walk back to our apartment. We crawled into my bed together, that wasn't unusual we shared a bed numerous nights. However the next thing I knew she was kissing me. I had kissed a girl before, even her before, but that was to show off, there was nobody here to show off to. It was soft and I felt myself becoming turned on. I started to run my hands through her hair when she started to kiss me harder and rub her hand over my breast. I copied her, she then flipped me over onto my back, lifted my night shirt up and started to lick my nipples a little soft at first and then harder biting them from time to time. I couldn't believe this was happening, but I LIKED IT!! She then moved down and started to lick and nibble my inner thigh and ever so slightly running her tongue over my I'm sure wet panties. She then pulled them down and ran her tongue all around the outside, teasing me. I pushed her off, I couldn't stand it. I then moved her to her back and pulled off her panties. I rubbed my middle finger over her clit, licking it from time to time to get it wet. I then stuck my finger in her as far as I could, she gasped and then moaned as I flicked her clit with my tongue. We licked and suck and found ourselves in a 69 position. I could tell she was getting ready to cum, and to tell you the truth I was a little scared, I had no idea what it would taste like or what would happen, before I could even think to much about it she started to orgasm. IT TASTED GREAT!! It was so wonderful. I started to feel a little pouty because I didn't cum, but before I knew it she said alright we got to finish you. And finish me she did, she pulled out a HUGE green vibrator and stuck it in me as she nibbled my clit.....Lets just say that I have never cummed as hard as that with a man to date!!!

JustMeat1973 43M

8/11/2005 12:50 pm

LOL -- not even with me, honey ??? We are getting sooooooooooo many requests for our upcoming orgy, by the way. You'll REALLY have something to blog about then. Will I see you in St, Louie ??

rm_trixter3112 34M
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8/13/2005 2:24 am

Wow... I am simply blown away here. You are the simply stunning and such an amazing lover... wish I lived closer.

HazedSareeRevue 42M
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8/17/2005 7:09 pm

Wow, I am impressed. I thought you looked absolutely sexy in your picture so I decided to read your blog. You are really a great writer. That story really turned me on. Keep up the good work!

itsgoodtogive 52M
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8/20/2005 1:36 am

Well what a blog one of the first I have read and makes me wanign to read more.. lots of sweet kisses to both of you

bowbone 42M

8/22/2005 3:51 pm

yum yum yum

Elgin_m_4_3sum 62M

8/25/2005 10:20 am

got me going... send me a msg...

rm_TryThis1On1 47M

8/25/2005 10:03 pm

Awesome. When I read this with a girl it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Keep 'em cummin'

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