On being Throat Fucked.....  

tvpiggy 50T
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11/5/2005 2:24 pm

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On being Throat Fucked.....

One of the things that I really like is to be throat fucked. We all have gag-reflexes, so you have to learn to get over that issue, but once you do, it "opens" up a whole new adventure for you. No longer are you just a cock-sucker, you can become a Cock-Swallower!

For me the best way to accomplish this is to be laying on the bed face up, but with my head handing off the edge. Dropping the head back this way lines up the mouth and the throat, and with a little luck and the right shaped cock, a perfect match. The curved upward cock that was difficult to swallow while kneeling at his feet, now becomes the perfect cock to curve into your mouth and right down your throat!

My first time in this position, I was surprised at how easy it was to accomplish, but I had a gentle lover that allowed me to proceed at my own speed. He stood next to the bed and slowly fed his cock to me. I love to take a soft cock into my mouth and nurse on it as i feel it growing larger and harder, and in that position, I hope it will be sliding all the way down my throat with his balls banging on my face.
In this position, he just stood there and allowed me to take his cock at the rate I could accept it. I reach my arms back and around his legs and grabbed his ass cheeks with my hands and then I could control the speed and depth of his cock down my throat. Breathing is key, and for me, it sure helps if I'm hitting poppers as we play, but slowly, his hard cock is hitting the back of my throat and then I take a breath-open wide-and pull his cock toward me and down my throat!!! I like to just hold it there the first time and let him enjoy the tight feeling of my throat. For guys that have never fucked a throat, this can be an awesome moment and they love it!

It's amazing having a cock all the way down your throat...all the air is cut off, and for me, everything becomes amazing silent as the cock burrows down my tight throat, hopefully giving lots of pleasure to the man using my face-pussy for his pleasure. Again, for me, it's even better if I am doing poppers while being throat fucked...really brings out the freak in me.

Once we're both ready, the throat fucking can really start. Typically, it's few trial runs first, just shoving it down my throat, holding it there, then pulling back to allow me to breathe. Then, once we get into a good rhythm, he can slowly start to fuck my throat, pulling out every so often to make sure I get some air, but I also think that part of my pleasure if the slight lack of oxygen that make your head buzz and also adds that little element of danger.

One of the wildest things to do, particularly the first time a guy actually fucks your throat, is to take his hand and place it on your throat so he can feel it expand as his cock plunges down your neck toward your stomach! Most guys cum the first time they feel it!

When a guy cums fucking my throat, it's an awesome thing, as even the most gentle man will pick up his thrusting when he cums, slamming into my throat and face, shooting his cum directly into my stomach. As his cock gets soft, it withdraws from my throat and simply fills my mouth, giving me a little taste and finally allowing me to breathe around the hot meat.

One of the additional little reminders of a good throat fucking is the next morning, when you wake up and swallow and notice that little sore throat you have...and you break out in a secret little smile....

“piggieslut” AT the Y

redswallow777 48M
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11/5/2005 9:00 pm

Sounds wonderful....you should teach a class on this....lol...

tvpiggy 50T
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11/6/2005 7:43 am

I'm still very much a student at this point, but i'm happy to share the knowledge I've gained...and with this type of study, I love staying after class!


alcd4men 62T

1/29/2006 3:04 am

This subject and your writing are excellent!


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