Where To?  

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11/15/2005 4:53 am

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Where To?

I'm one of those people (and hopefully there are more of you out there) who looks at the bedroom and thinks.."Why here?".There are so many other great places to have sex.To me that room represents boredom, the same old thing, aunt Nilly's shepards pie.Well not really the pie, but you get my drift.

After reading profiles apparently elevators are a favorite fantasy..hmmm.Never done that. Doing it in public is another...done that. After all it's the thrill of doing it somewhere you shouldn't, the thrill of being caught, isn't it? Maybe there's another reason, I don't know. For me it is the excitement of foreplay,kissing and intercourse with a beautiful woman somewhere I know is taboo.

I loved the middle of the river with her wrapped around my hips waving to the Amtrak passengers and engineer as the train went by. The golf course parking lot (which was full) as she leaned up against the doors.The middle of the farmers field after he had taken down all the corn, leaning against the truck(a good vechicle is sometimes a necessity). The hotel stairway, the parking garage in Boston, the beach, in my office at work, after hours of course.The hot tub, the kitchen table, or with another couple.

Back to my original question, why the bedroom?

Romance might be a good reason.You can't always have rip your clothes off scream your name out sex I guess, and what woman in a relationship or man for that matter wouldn't need a romantic night once in a while.

How about a cold winters night.I'd hate to have my icicle crack off in sub zero weather just for a woody.The bedroom might be handy here too.

I'll bet if I think about it a while I could probably find a whole list of reasons.

I've gotta run, I have a contractor about ready to turn my bedroom in to a game room, but I'm thinking I may need the bedrrom now.

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