Sunday morning ...ummm coffee.  

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11/13/2005 6:21 am

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Sunday morning ...ummm coffee.

Interesting night, fun night, awww who the hell am I was a wierd night.

I'm an easy going too?..Right, well I really don't drink a lot, not that I don't want to, admittedly, I'm just not that good at it anymore. Years of not practicing have made me a high school 17 year old with his first can of bud. Anyway, I did over indulge a bit last night, with wine of all things.I hate wine, or at least , I prefer liquor. I was with some fiends and thought, hey what's a couple of glasses. So I did. And did.And did!
Whew, well alcahol and hot tubs...believe what you read. That wasn't that bad really though...the part I always wonder about doesn't involve me being inebriated(hmmm spelled wrong?) involves her being inebriated.
We're friends with benefits..on and off over the years , but I know when she is tipsy her orgasms are much more work for me.Not that I'm complaining now, just curios.Last night was definitely an exception as she came reletavely quick....ahhhh.But afterwards, as great as the sex is I can't help but think it could have been even better if we were sober.
Which is another reason I don't drink....ahhhh coffee.

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