My best friends wife!  

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1/22/2006 2:19 am

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My best friends wife!

Hmmmmmm. Before I start here, I was thinking .Does writing this blog keep me from meeting women? Maybe...maybe not.I mean, I don't see hundreds of women or couples, but I do occassionally when work allows get out and have some fun.I get mail from women (and men ) at AdultFriendFinder (I love you all, the women that is...sorry guys )but it seems after they read the blog I never hear from them again. A delemna! Oh well, it could be worse, it can always be worse.

Anyway,I am as you know or don't in my forties.I work a lot as a senior exec at a typical crazy soap opera family business.I keep fit for my age by racing motorcycles and hiking.Most fo my friends are at least 10 years younger than me and just beginning families, so it's kind of odd now.We just don't get together like we use to, babies and all you know.

Last year my best friend ...we'll call him Dave, invited me over for a barbacue.Now Dave and his in the country on 10 acres of sheer beauty.Which brings me to Linda (sheer beauty).She's stunning, but more importantly she is just a ton of fun.

The barbacue was great as usual and all of the guest had left when Dave and Linda asked if I'd like to play a game.Of course I replied! By now a fair amount of Coronas had been consumed by the pair...I'm kind of a lightweight, mainly because I have strict rules about driving under the influence..I don't!
An old time favorite..Truth or Dare. My eyes opened wide.The last time we played this I remembered Linda sucking my finger down like she was going after the worm in a tequila bottle. That thought had stayed with me for years.....ahhhh.
Minutes later the door bell rang and in walked Linda's sister...ahhh..Nicole (always liked that name and she was even more beautiful..if I dare say than her sister). The game stalled...not my doing .An hour passed and Dave disappeared upstairs..he was in rough shape.Linda and Nicole were in the kitchen and had been for a while.I thought the time was right for me to go with Dave's crashing and all.
Before I could get off the couch the two sisters appeared from the kitchen wearing only an apron each that said kiss the cook! Linda looked at me and said "Well, kiss the cook damn it!"
The sisters knelt down at my feet , one on each side and hurredly unzipped my pants.
While Nicole swallowed my ...ahem...Linda worked my balls. I swear I have never had a sensation like that before.That woman is the all time Ball Sucking Champion of the world (I bought her a trophy that said that months later).
Apparently the two had discussed my seduction much earlier ...and my dear friend Dave was in on the plan. The whole point was to really get her sister and I together. After the foreplay, Nicole and I went upstairs to the guest room, where Dave (with a big smile ) and Linda were patiently waiting! But that's another story.

So here I've done it again. Turned my new female friends away with a sex story from the past.Oh well the day is could be can always be worse.

Happy Sunday everyone..the coffee smells great this morning!

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