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2/9/2006 5:00 pm

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I have a place I usually only retreat to on weekends but this week I snuck away in the middle of the week.I like it for two reasons, no phone, no computer. It's about an hour and a half from the city and give my springer and myself a chance to regroup.
When I woke, it was cool as the fire had gone out. I pushed the button on the stove and headed for the coffee pot.Ahhh old friend. I love the smell of percolated coffee in the morning. I put my feet up and the mutt retreated to my lap. Fifty pounds and he still thinks he's a lap dog.
I grabbed a fresh cup of java and walked out to the deck. The springer darted between my legs ready for his morning constitution.The only thing he doesn't do is read the paper!
Cold and quiet. Really cold!
I looked at the springer and his ears perked up as he stared at the darkness. I heard it too. "Whoa" I commanded .I knew his next move would put him in hot pursuit of a battle he couldn't win.He stopped dead and stared ahead, just listening.

I first heard coyotes here about 4 years ago. Yipping at the base of the mountain.I'd been to Tuscon a few years before and loved to hear them as the sun was rising in the desert.I had hired an old indian guide to show me the desert on that trip, but the coyotes always fascinated me more than anything he'd point out. Now that I think of it the swarm of killer bees he pointed out was more than a little scary.

The springer was still....nose twitching as the yipping came closer.How many? I couldn't tell. Four, maybe five. At the end of the trail on the back of my property now...a little to close to the springer for my liking.Now the yipping was replaced by barking, screaming, tearing and another animal in the midst of it all moaning, groaning. They had caught something.An unfortunate creature.

I sipped the java again, listening. This is life I thought....... and death and in a few hours I'll be in the concrete jungle and have forgotten it for the day.Hmmmm.

Someone once told me that we are dying from the day we are born. I repeated that a few times and then began to think about how depressing it was. Dying is a part of living but ....shouldn't we try to to live as much as we can before we go to the dogs?

C'mon pup, lets go live a little!

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2/9/2006 6:12 pm

I like to look at it that I started living!

Purry {=}


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