She's gone now  

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10/30/2005 12:46 am

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She's gone now

Well, what an afternoon. I got up this morning thinking what the hell am I going to do? It's Sunday, I've just moved back home and finally things are starting to go the way I've planned them.

I'm laying there thinking the sun's out, my career is finally getting the boot in the arse I should have given it a year back and now I'm starting a long journey that's going to make me rich! (least I hope so)

Sit on the internet, play some shoot em up's. Inspiration is not coming! Hmmm....

Enter the screaming hour of 4 o clock.

My mother gets home, screaming as if somebody has died. Somebody has died and it's her. She's just gotten back from the shopping and she's caught them. My father, with his girlfriend.

She thought it was over, I thought they were friends. Apparantly not.

My mother runs around the house in agony. I have never heard anybody in so much pain before. The screams are deafening and the shrill yelp is enough to burst ear drums. For the first time in my life I'm scared of my mother. She has the strength of ten men as she throws me (90kgs, 6'2'') off her. I have absolutely no idea what to do. Smash. There goes the window. Smash. Dad's computer, mobile phone, pot plants.. dinner.. everything is everywhere and she's bleeding all over the floor.

I crouch down over her and hold her. What can I do? 25 years over, what do you say to that? She trembles on the floor and I shake with her. I am starting to cry.

The nosey neighbour is standing in the door way when I look up. "What have you done?" he says. Hang on. "Me? What have I done? It's not always me you fuckhead! It's my Dad." I reply rather offended.

I continue to hold her and then I find out where he is. I get into my tuffvlturbo (yeah yeah i know) and I absolutely flog it to where he is with his girlfriend.

I go absolutely sideways past them both, crossing it up everywhere. I dont give a fuck what cop catchs me. I pull up and promptly inform my father that he'd better get the hell home. The girlfriend stands there smiling and says "hi". I respond with a mumble or something, I can't really think about exploding at the moment Mum needs me.

I make sure my Dad goes home, tailgating him all the way. I'm not going to clean up his mess.

Make it home. Mum's where I left her. On the floor in agony. Dad starts cleaning up the mess. The usual emotional outburst of pain starts and I wander the house looking for a place to be comfortable. What do you do? What do you say? What do I feel! Nothing. I can't say or do anything, and I'm not sure if I feel anything.

Mum packs her bags, and she's gone.

Goodbye Mum. I hope you're well tonight and I'll see you soon I pray.

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