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12/2/2005 9:36 pm

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Its sooo funny seeing this recently outed trend of husbands and wives checking on eachothers online activity. There are a couple points about this I find amusing which make me think certain people aren't right for eachother one is if you are suspicious of your mate to the point of paranoia then you are obsessed with the ownership of that person and it is not love but possesion of them that you seek. The second is if you are sneaking around on your mate then you don't love them you just find them convenient for you for whatever reasons justify staying together.

One is jealousy and the other is boredom and probably only half the time couples are experiencing both at once and the suspicions are verifiable. The other half are divided between unfounded accusations (which sometimes can lead to cheating out of spite for these accusations), or there is cheating by a spouse which is never obvious to thier mate(blind trust). I'll say this if either of these factors exist there is "no compatibility" in the relationship and the people should never have been together in the first place and really should have the stupid slapped out of them for fooling themselves.

Lies and false conclusions are always unhealthy in any relationship. Those who try to find reasons to stick it out after the damage is done fool themselves there because there is almost always hidden resentment in these cases that even a shared bond of chilren or religious beliefs may not mend.

Humans are simple stupid creatures, we think we are better than anything else, else but we carry a lot of baggage containing pride and selfishness..... Oh what Id give to be a dog a very noble simple creature sniffs asses, humps legs, protects its friends and doesn't worry so much if its owner was playing with another dog it will know because you can't lie to a dog.

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