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12/23/2005 4:03 am

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Maybe I am more aggressive in some ways than most, I don't immediately seem to show an interest in anyone , but I am not one to go by anyone elses rules on what is the proper way to engage sexual contact. For now I collect friends and as I see fit I show an interest teling someone straight out what I want, but if you dont want that I move to the next one that doesnt make me a player because that requires somthing which makes me wanna barf--which is charm that I admittedly lack and really could not give a shit about. Chsrm is a move used on nieve suckers and takes too much time to execute in making the goal in my opinion.

When I get to you I will say what I want, and if it is your choice I will get what I want, or move onto the next good thing. Ask yourselves if every man was like me what would you do?

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