The First Joke!  

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The First Joke!

Valerie, a sheltered teenage girl, ran home from school and threw her arms around her mother.
"Is it true what Elaine just told me?" the girl sobbed. "Do babies come out of the same place where boys put their penises?"
Valerie's mother had always avoided the subject, but was forced to admit that, yes, babies do come out of that same hole. "Now, let's drop the matter," the mom said, pushing her daughter away. "You aren't having a baby for a long time."
The forlorn cutie's petite frame shuddered. "I hope not," she gasped. "A baby would knock my teeth out."

At the end of the school year, a group of kindergartners gave gifts to their teacher, Miss James. The florist's son brought flowers; the confectioner's daughter gave the teacher a box of chocolates.
The son of the liquor-store owner handed her a box that was leaking. "Guess what I brung you!" screamed the excited tot.
Miss James touched a drop of the leakage with her finger and brought it to her tongue. "Wine?" she asked.
"No" the boy replied.
The teacher ran her tongue along the outside of the mystery box. "Champagne?" she guessed. The child shook his head, giggling.
Miss James took one more taste of the dripping liquid before announcing, "I give up; what is it?"
The happy kid threw his arms wide and squealed, "It's a puppy!"

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