Day 3  

ttl3d2 30M
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4/6/2006 12:40 pm
Day 3

Roy went in to apply for a business loan. "I invented a black powder," he told the bank manager. "You sprinkle a bit over a girl’s snatch, and boom! Her cunt tastes just like a peach."
The banker recoiled. "We don’t give loans for that sort of thing," he snapped.
A few months later, Roy returned to the bank with a wheelbarrow full of money. The same bank manager rushed over to shake his hand.
"Congratulations," the banker said. "I guess that idea with the black powder really paid off."
"Actually, no," Roy grinned, holding up a chemical vial. "I made most of my money with this white powder."
"Really? What does it do?"
"Give me a peach, and I’ll show you."

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