dopaminergic reactions and recreational chemistry  

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10/13/2005 8:37 pm

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dopaminergic reactions and recreational chemistry

better living through chemistry .....really if one must know the truth i am quite intoxicated......through the fog of inebriation, the opalescent veil of impared motor function, the pure white light of a reverie shines.........somewhat obscured but ultimately present, a thought lapses into acton: manifest destiny........she tramples the dusty earth packed hard upon roots rusted from overexposure to the solitary circle called the wheel......a bent spoke was i, and the vehilcle did tremble with the weight of a thousand stressors upon the shoulders of atlas.......a rock was i, and he did shrug his shoulers in discontent, thus dropping the product of bangs bigger than man's ego.......a rock we are, and firm is the grip etched layer by layer in the sediment of brothers past, sisters gone and the unyielding solidarity of the human spirit.......

italian table wine on the night of 10-13-05

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