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6/25/2005 10:46 am

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Extra people

So we were out last night having a good time and playing pool. Chrissie got a new stick and she wanted to show me that she knew how to use it. She is actually getting better, but she has been practicing a lot. Like I said we were having a good time, but then a friend of hers called and said he was going to be out drinking. He said he was tired and had a tough day at work. She invited him out without asking. If this was the first time it would not have been a big thing, but she is always seeming to hang out with him. They do not have a relationship that I know of and she feels like she has to look out for him since he is younger than her. One of our things is that we always have to approve of the others that we play with, so I don't understand why she thinks that she can hang out with this guy so much. I like him and I know that if I was in his position I would certainly want to hang out with a beautiful woman like Chrissie. I get along with him and try and be nice to him when we hang out, because I realize it is not his fault.

I guess I just needed to get this off my chest so the title is not as exciting some of you were thinking it was and I apoligize. Any comments would, as always, be appreciated.

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