First timer (well, sort of...)  

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11/7/2005 6:54 pm

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First timer (well, sort of...)

Hi...How to start...I'm a first timer. Well, it's not my first time, but it would be my first time in a threesome. My girlfriend has been in one before, and it was her suggestion that we give it a try.
It's tough as a "standard" member to meet someone - since you can't really contact anyone. We want to keep things discreet, but are still looking for adventure. We haven't posted our pictures as of yet - which probably isn't helping, but that's the tough part of keeping things discreet.
We're a good looking couple - I'm an athlete, triathlete, former all-american and she's also athletic and very sexy!
We're trying to find an attractive woman in the Madison area...looking for that special someone.

Any takers?

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