The Month of May  

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5/25/2006 7:25 pm
The Month of May

Wow - I am having the shakes from being not able to get on the computer for such a long time.

So I have a lot of ground to cover and not alot of time to do it in ... so her it goes.

First off Lets start off with the first weekend in May- travel up north to see my Aunt and Uncle
Too long of a story to go into there.

Then I get my hopes up about something that I have wanted to happen for a long time and it falls through- I was crushed. I totally fell off my wagon on loosing some weight before the start of summer - #1 my parents really put a lot of stress on me and then my heart gets stepped on- I went right for the ice cream and cookies.

Ok fast forward to Mothers day weekend- Again we have to go up north to be with the family and did I mention how much stress I get under when I go up there, but anyway we come back home on sunday to find that it had been raining all weekend and our sump pump stopped working. So my entire basement had about an inch of water.

So for mothersday I got a new sump pump and a wet dry vac ( yeah!!!)

Ok then durning the week I find out that I got a promotion at work- well not really - An addtional title and more work to do - but no more money and I took another girls job away from her- So Now I have to work 9 hours aday with this old bitch pissed off at me all day long- more stress.

Now it's the weekend og the 19th, YEAH!!!! My baby is turning one year old and right in the middle of the party I get a text message from non other than coffee guy. So can you guess what happened next .... Yeap your right I had another piece of cake. Why do I find comfort in food????

If he doesn't want me than why does he keep contacting me????

WEll nothing happened and the party went on with no one even the wiser....

I have a lunch date with Corina Guy and when I get into his truck there are 4 red roses- I was just speechless- I really was shocked. HE has really been so good to me- treats me like a princess. WE set up a date for the following wednesday. What a great time. What I found the most amazing is that once we finished round one he was ready to go right away again. WOW!!!!

So today is thursday and it's the hubby's night to play softball- the game got cancelled but they still went out to the bar... which means I finally get a chance to get on the computer.

While sitting here typing away I got a phone call from my friend - just wanting to talk all about of life is so crappy latly. We compared sob stories and we agreed that we needed a girls night out. ( A real one, not one of my pretend ones to get out of the house) So next Wednesday we are going to get some drinks adn bitch about girl things.

I hope I can make it through this long weekend at home. I am starting tonight to get back on my diet. It's garbage night so I went through teh cupboards and through out all of the choclate from Easter and all the half opened boxes of girl scout cookies- I really need to crash this extra off right now. Water and carrots adn fruit for the next two weeks. It's really pissing me off that I am like this and need to do something about it.

Well it's good to be back- I hope it's not so long that I have to stay away next time.

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