The Birthday  

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4/2/2006 10:10 pm

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4/4/2006 6:18 pm

The Birthday

wowo this is a weird one. Well lets see the morning started off good. Cleaned the house, went out for breakfast with the hubby.

Went to my son's school for a talk with his teachers- He is doing wonderful by the way- they all said he 's a great kid and a really good student- They all love him. Which made my day that much better.

Then went grocery shopping- See all the funstuff on my birthday now do you understand why I am her.

well then I got my hair done- looked great I loved it.

Got ready for bowling- This is where the night took a weird turn... I wore this funny ( I thought it was funny) shirt. On the front it said
It's my 35th Birthday. And on the back it said
Kiss me and sign your name. The only person who signed it was my husband. And he was so cool with it. So I don't know if people didn't think it was cute and playful or if I was looking to steal their husbands or what. But the other peeple that we knew at the bowling ally ( yes I would call them friends) didn't even talk to me all night long... I have no idea why.

So now bowling is over and I go to change into my
outfit that I have spent the last month on. And I get nothing- no wow you look great- Not even a wistle. Nothing. I sat there and waiting for the
three people on my team to finish their beer.

WE left for this " HOT NIGHT CLUB" When I got there at 9:45pm I was the first person in the bar. No one other person except for the bartender
and the DJ. What the fuck was going on. So we my husband and I get drink. I make a few phone calls on my cell phone and the other two people show from my team- they start complaining about there not being anyone there. I buy a round of drinks they seem a little bit happier, but then the worst thing happens - My cell phone is gone- stolen. ONe minute I had it the next it's gone.

So for the next half hour they all try and call it- no luck- so the hubby reports it stolen and my servie gets turned off.

WEll that's not going to stop me. One of my team mates bys me a shot and that's where the story gets bad. I can drink I can't do shots.

So then one more friend shows up and he brought a guest with him. I have another shot and I guess I was with them for about a half an hour and my team mates were getting mad because I wasn't with them. So I took everyone up to where we were sitting and made the introductions.

The rest of the story as been told to me by my husband because I don't remeber anything after that.

I guess there was a girl named Jenny who I danced with. My team mates were upset with me becuase I didn't hang out with them at all. The guest fell asleep in a chair- How the fuck do you fall a sleep in a chair at a night club.

I spent a half an hour in the bathroom - throwing up and my husband took me home.

I spent the night sleeping on the bathroom floor
and had a hang over the next day.

I did exactly what I wanted to do for my birthday - dress sexy- go to a dance club- dance and drink- And I thought it would make be feel happy.

Would anyone like to guess how it really made me feel???????

rm_xtreem247 55M

4/3/2006 6:35 am

Hi TrueRed
A couple "guesses" of how it made you feel. Embarrassed, pissed off, let down, maybe a lttle "why bother". Am I close? I'm sure there are variations or more that you felt about the night. Sorry to hear it didn't go as you'd hoped. Birthdays should be a special day. Would have been nice to have the house cleaned for you when you woke up, breakfast out is good though but maybe breakfast in bed would have been nicer. At least you got good news from your son's teachers and got your hair done. Maybe a total package would have been nice (massage, man/pedicure too)..but grocery shopping....good lord...NOT on your B-Day! And bowling?....Well, maybe if it's your favorite thing to do. The "kiss me and sign" shirt sounds like a great idea. I can't believe no one took you up on it..WOW! As for the outfit you spent so much time can people NOT notice. Maybe just jelous they didn't have anyone who looked as good or looked as good themselves. Some, for whatever reason, find it hard to acknowledge that you look awsome, as I'm sure you did.
It sounds to me, and this is just an opinion, that you were out with people who don't really know how to have a good time (ie:complaining no one was there, falling asleep in a chair...and in a dance club...please! mad that you didn't hang with them all night). I'd have felt let down and pretty disappointed. Hard to have a good time when others around you are stuck in the mud. At least it sounds like your hubby tried, he took you out to breakfast, signed your shirt and took care of you in a drunk endevor...LOL
Better days are coming Red. Believe in yourself!

zuluwise 34M

4/3/2006 8:39 am

yeah thats too bad..........

i hate to read when people are let down.........

makes me feel sad too

i agree with X

sounds like the night wasn't your fault......but your company's

good thing hubby helped some

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