One very good night, One very sucky night  

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6/2/2006 8:59 pm
One very good night, One very sucky night

So my very good night was Wednesday night.

But it didn't start out that way. Last thursday I was talking with a friend( I will call this person #6) who we agreed to meet up the following wednesday. I was looking so forward to it. That friday came along and I was talking to #6 again and we agreed to meet for a little while on friday after work.

We met up for about a half an hour and it was great. We couldn't wait for the the next week wednesday.

So wednesday arrived and I was very pumped to see my #6 again but no responce to text message or a phone call. All I got was voice mail. But at 4:59pm I got the best phone call in the world.

Stop on by for a drink the voice on the phone said. Well I couldn't turn the invite down. So Away I went. There was margaritta's, there was baseball on tv, there was a great conversation.

The evening was going very well- the buzz kicked in and then There was the ride in THE CAR. 1972 WHITE CORVETTE. I had seen the pictures of the car, and dreamed of one day I would be in it and the dream finally came true.

So I left there and drove home being in such a good mood- I tried calling a few people. One person I even drove by the house to see if they were home. Didn't matter to me "I was the happiest girl in the whole U.S.A" ( 100 fun points if you can name the singer ) .

Anyway so now flash forward to tonight- Had plans to meet up with #6 again from wednesday and was looking forward to it- when again no responce to text message or phone call- So I go home. I have a quick thinking idea and I get out of the house again- THis NEVER happens once you come home you don't leave until the next regular planned thing is about to happen- but I did it I got out odf the house - Only to find that #6 is sick. I do believe that #6 was really sick becuase I had seen #6 on thursday and #6 didn't look to good at that time. But this does make strike #3. So #6 is going to have to be punished. And I know the one person who can do that for me. #6 will be very sorry when I get done with my paln... LOL

So the rest of my weekend sucks big time- Tomoorow I will be spending all day watching the kids while hubby, runs eran's, plant's his garden and mows the lawn. Then on sunday I wil be with the kids all day again as the hubby is ridding in the MIller ride for the arts bike a thon thing.

Tonight was going to be a great night - but ruined by the flu.

So going back to school- MOnday I am going to sign up fpr classes and get my Medical Billing Cert. I need to get out of the job I am in and I really haven't found much that will pay me what I am making now- so I will take these classes and then try and get a job at a hospital or doctors office.

The summer better get better than this- I have to do everything in my power to get out of the house on July 28th.

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