Jan. 11,2006  

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Jan. 11,2006

I know borning title but this is my first blog. Actually I am doing a lot of first things this year.

So I signed up on this site kinda as a gag to myself. " I am not really going to find some on this thing" What the hell am I thinking. Oh well it will give me something to fantasy about.

Then I chatted with a few guys - hey this is fun
I am married and these guys WANT to talk to me. Nobody is getting hurt, this is really neat.

Then a couple of the guys wanted to meet me , for a drink for a cup of coffee. "Wait a minute am I really going to go through with this?????" Sure there is nothing wrong with a cup of coffee or a drink , I am going to be out anyways.

Well the drink guy was very nice- not weird at all. Some one that could be in my ring of friends outside of this internet thing. BUT...........

Then came coffee guy, What a hunk. This guy was going to take one look at me and turn around, but he didn't. Sat down started to talk, I don't remember if I said anything at all my heart was beating so fast and I was prob. shaking so bad. That's it well if I died today I would be a happy person. The rest of the story with have to stay in my mind.

And he is still around coffee guy still chats with me and still has me over to his place. I can't believe it. The perfect guy as walked into my life and now I don't know what to do. It's a fling, it's something just on the side. It's easier for me to tell myself that when he doesn't call that it's over. Because then I don't feel sad. Because I know that this is way to good to last very long and I will just enjoy every minute he gives to me.

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