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5/1/2006 8:52 pm

So last friday was my last day of bowling for the season - My team came in 2nd place ( not to bad)

ok so a litle back ground info here-
My team is made up of myself and my hubby and anothe rmarried couple friend. Well when the other wife can't make it we have a sub who fills in. Lets call him BOB.

WEll bob is divorced and I have know him from before he wwas married - then while he was married and I still know him now after his divorce.

Becuase we have been friends for a long time adn the fact that I am a women he feels fine talking to me about other women he has been with kinda getting my point of few on things.

WEll after bowling on friday we all stayed around for a few drinks- And BOB pulled me aside to tell me about his latest dry spell. NOw if any of you women saw this guy you would ask your self how could he have a dry spell. Well 1st off he is a work alochic. and not one of these business types he really works for a living he is a mechanic.

And 2nd of all he is really shy. Or so I thought...

After about 5 minutes of talking and teh wine I was drinking going right to my head I looked at him in a whole new light. MAybe it was the neon beer sign hanging over his head but all of a sudden he looked really cute to me. Not that he isn't cute but just not my type.

WE went back to our table with the rest of the group. We sat down and I found myself touching his leg, with my hand. I only was rubbing it for about 15 sec. and I took it away. I looked at him with this blank stare as if to say I don't know why I did that and I am sorry- when he reached over and said in my ear, that it was ok.

Nothing more happened after that but I just can't believe I did that. #1 becuase my husband was sitting right at the same table- he saw nothing as he was talking to a group of people.

#2 becuase I am dating someone from this site right now and to cheat on my husband is one thing but to cheat on the person I am cheating with--- does this automaticly but me in the slut catagory.????? What the hell was I thinking!!!!!!!!

I would never do anything with BOB- It would be jsut to close to home, He's on my husband softball team and he comes to the kids birthday parties.

Please tell me it was the wine that made me do it- or am I just that desprate???? This is not who I am - Is this who I am becoming?????

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