A Pretend Birthday  

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9/6/2006 9:02 pm
A Pretend Birthday

when I first met John his profile said that his B/D was 09-05. so over the coarse of us talking and sharing stuff I found out that this guy doesn't own a single porno movie.

Well with me living with the king of the collection himself. I thought how funny it would be to send him one for his birthday. So about 2 weeks ago when I went over to his house I asked him if he had any plans for his big day- only to find out that his REAL B/D is 10-5... you should have seen the look on my face. So of coarse I had to tell him what I had done.

On tuesday he called me at work and told me that he had gotten his birthday gift in the mail- he also told me that he had made a new purchase- so while we were on the phone he sent me a pic of his new guitar ( that makes 5 now). He really gets into his collection and why not it's his money and he only has himself to support, I don't see the big deal, but he always seems to mention somrthing like- he knows he shouldn't spend the money... well anyway...

I left work and ran some when I get a message - did I want to come over - and of coarse I did - any chance that I can get I am there. Why?? Because if this guy ever asked me to leave my husband I would ( he would have to take my kids too ) but other than that I am there - He lives the lifestyle that I can only dream about.

But back to my date.. when I get there he shows me a new wine cabinet that he bought and was building some shelve's for it. * Have to make a side note here* I could smell that he had had a drink or two- which is a really good thing for me because when he drinks- he can last for hours. and when he drinks he opens up alot more about himself. Ok back to the blog...

So after a while we go upstairs in to the bedroom and something is different about this time. First off I took a little bit of the control which I have never done with him before- He said that he really liked it- Even asked me if I had been practising, LOL no - just that everything was working out right. Then once we got into it again it jsut felt different, I don't even know how to explain it, but it was great.

Afterwards we talked a little while- he asked me about my husband a bit- he rarely ever talkes about him- and then he told me about his last friend with benifits. And it seemed like he was really hurt that he doesn't see her anymore.

Then before I left he made a comment about his childhood and growing up- it wasn't a big deal - it was a comment about ice and how he is combusating for it now in his 30's.

My oppion he that now that he is getting older he is thinking about his life and what he wants to do with it.

Well on to other things- Bowling on friday and kenny should be there- I am going to try a few things as in flirting and such and see if he gets teh hint- if not then I am done tring- he's jsut not into me... and that's ok.

Good night

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