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3/23/2006 4:32 pm

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Uncle Troy's Apartment

Well, I'm here again. I'm getting ready to go to my ex-wife's house (man, I really can't stand her) because today's my youngest daughter's birthday. She's 9, and I DON'T like her getting older. She's always been my baby, and she just needs to stop growing up. I'll be walking her down the aisle before I know it, and I'm NOT ready to be thinking about that right now.

But, it will be nice to get out of the house for a little while tonight. I got off work early today and took a good long nap, so that probably means I'll be at this damn computer all night long because I won't be able to sleep. Not that I sleep much anyway, but my nap this afternoon sure didn't help much. Is 33 too old to start having a little common sense??? Jeez, I hope not.

Don't really have any big plans for the weekend... I should, since I don't have the kids, but nothing's come up yet. I have a birthday party on Sat. for a few hours and that's it. Hope I can find something to get into.

So many bi-sexual women here... seems like every profile I see on here is some woman looking for another woman. No wonder I get hit on by all the guys... all the women are looking for other women!! Now, I'm not opposed to that in any way at all... please don't mistake me.

Am I horny tonight??? Sure am. I've been a little under the weather lately, but I've got some energy back and I'd like to do a little something with it. Any suggestions??? I know someone who might have one for me (I hope)

Alright... off to the ex's. With any luck, it'll be as painless as possible. After that... you might just be able to catch me around here somewhere. Later everybody.

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