What the --?  

trish778 43F
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1/3/2006 12:16 am

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3/10/2006 10:25 am

What the --?

I got a surprise in my inbox today. Someone who was in my network and with who I was exchanging emails with until Thursday now sent me this:

I tried to remove you from my friends list but couldn't.Don't contact me again!!!!

This caught me by surprise as I just wished him luck with his plan to go back to school. Of course, the polite part of me sent a reply:

I don't know where this came from but I will oblige and remove you from MY friend list.

Now, I know he said not to contact him again but I thought it common courtesy to let him know I was going to remove him from my network so he would know that we would no longer be in each other's networks.

For my good deed, this is what I get:

What part of dont contact me again did you not understand?

I had a laugh when I read the last email. Goodness me. It is but the 3rd day into the new year and already someone is suffering from a severe case of the stupids and thinks he just insulted my intelligence. Newsflash: No one alive will ever be able to do that. Not now. Not ever. And I don't force friendship on anyone.

I should have paid more attention to im_your_man77's comment about my being polite on this site. There will always be idiots who can't appreciate the courtesy and politeness given to them. Pity.

gnr8nrg 46M

1/3/2006 8:44 am

He's probably just wanting the last word. There are some F'ed up things that people do on this site. I guess "he" felt then "need" to let "you" know that "he" didn't want "you" to talk to "him" any more. "quotations for emphasis on how other's try to control" Otherwise he just could have ignored you. I'm sorry you've had so many crap things happen. As you've said before BLOCK and Delete.

kimochiE 33M

1/3/2006 10:43 am

I wish you would force a little friendship on me sometime

trish778 43F

1/3/2006 10:53 pm

gnr8nrg: hahaha...i wish we were face to face then i could have seen all the facial expressions and gestures as you "emphasized" each point. <hugs!>

trish778 43F

1/3/2006 10:55 pm

kimochiE: i will force something other than or more than friendship on you sometime. <hugs!>

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