The Adventure Begins  

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8/5/2006 9:24 pm

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The Adventure Begins

We have on and off discussed finding someone else for a more lively sexual encounter for years now (having been married over eight years and neither one of us experiencing anyone else but each other), and finally decided to actually get up off our asses and persue it. So here we are at the beginning of a road we're unsure where it will lead.

For starters, I'm a web programmer by trade and really dislike much of how this site is laid out and setup. This site desperately needs a makeover including AJAX (and possibly using a different language that's not Perl (like PHP, ColdFusion) which would also help speed things up and free up valuable server resources) to help optimize the user's experience. Everything always seems slow, cumbersome, cluttered and confusing. So bear with us as we try and cope with what seems to be our limitations in using this site.

I'd have to say the two of us are a pretty attractive couple. We're not overweight, but we don't spend every day of our life in a gym either. Neither one of us have deformities, tattoos or piercings and we don't drink or smoke. Our definition of fun is movies, socializing, shopping and obviously lots of sex. We've tried the porn route which is exciting, but we're curious to actually try some of the things we've seen and know what they feel like first hand... these things including but not limited to fucking while eating pussy, sucking on multiple varieties of tits, female kissing, female fucking, fucking while balls are licked, strap-ons, etc. She is very curious what it's like to be with a women and I'm curious what its like to be with two.

We've tried to satisfy some of these things on our own in a number of creative ways including a wide variety of toys and cross-dressing (male dressing in female lingerie), which has proved to be a very fun adventure finding some things more successful than others, but we're thinking the real thing would be nice to try.

One of things we're having a hard time fighting at the moment is our nerves, which has really prevented us from persuing some such as this site until now. We're not entirely sure we'll be able to find what we're looking for and it doesn't really help that we don't really know what we're looking for. After so many years of being with each other, it's also hard to identify and pinpoint exactly what it is you do and don't want. We're not really into blogs, but we're hoping that this blog and any encounters we persue in this adventure will help us identify exactly what it is we're looking to add to our sex life.

Unlike what looks like most of the other blogs on AdultFriendFinder are about, unfortunately ours will be more about our experience involved with this community and not a false outcry of bullshit sexual remarks. Of course any tips, comments and suggestions how we might accomplish our goals and what you think of our blog are welcome.

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