Through the Window  

tripper89423 54M
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7/11/2006 11:44 am
Through the Window

This is a sample of my writing. This is one of my first writings, but stil a favorite of mine.

Thinking I sneak in your window, late at night and surprise you while you sleep. Little did I know that I would be the one to be surprised when I look in your window. As I approach the window of your room I notice a light coming through the curtain.

I peak in to see you just starting to undress. I notice that you are watching yourself in the mirror as you remove your blouse and skirt. You are wearing a light blue matching out fit. The panties are cut high on your hips and thong back, silky smooth. The bra, is the same material soft cup that pushes your breasts up and produces some nice cleavage. Your hands run along your curves gently touching yourself as you watch how you look in the mirror. Your left hand rubs the underside of your breasts squeezing gently at your erect nipple. While your right hand moves down your stomach and fingers slide across the silky panties, pushing against them to press harder against your warm crutch.

You move about to see more of how you look as you touch your body. Slowly you caress your body, as I can see the wetness of your pussy against your panties you remove your bra to expose your breasts to your hands. Your hands caress and squeeze them, making your nipples even harder. You move to the bed, spreading your legs towards the mirror. This gives me a perfect view You remove your panties exposing, your wet crotch. Your hair is trimmed very short, showing the moist lips, your hands move to pull them open as your finger, gently rubs the wetness between them, touching your clit gently, finger moving slowly to enter you. Your finger pushes slightly deeper on each stroke of your hand.

Soon adding a finger to the hot wet hole of passion, your left hand keeping you're the lips spread open and rubbing gently against your clit as your right hand moves in and out of your love hole. I can see in the reflection in the mirror your face as you watch yourself; the climax is coming soon for you.

I can tell from the smile and concentration as you stare hard while you masturbate to. I can see the sweet wetness of your pleasure on your hands, watching you climax, hearing the moans, and the convulsions as you orgasm. As you finish climaxing, you slowly lick your fingers tasting, the sweetness of your pleasure, surely wishing that the tongue could touch your pussy.

Won't you be surprised to find that someone is going to be available to make that wish of licking your pussy come true tonight?

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