while U sleep  

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11/24/2005 1:04 am

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3/29/2006 9:40 pm

while U sleep

I walk in the bedroom to find you sleeping. Your clothes are on the floor and your body is curled into the blankets. I want you so bad. I take my clothes off and stand in the dark while I watch you sleep with the moonlight fallen on you. I think about getting in bed with you and as I think I start to touch myself. I start to run my hands across my belly, slowly moving down to my pussy. You move in the bed and as you move from your side to your back I touch myself with even more passion. I slide my finger in between my pussy lips. I feel my clit as it grows and becomes hard. I moan...
As I stand and finger fuck myself I think how easy it would be to just do it. Just fuck myself into bliss. I will stop now as I move to the bed you open your eyes. You see I am undressed and you know what I want. You toss the blankets off and hold out your hand. I kiss you on your forehead then on your chest. I will make my way down to you already hard cock. You know I am going to take it, all of it into my hot mouth. I run my hands down over the head of your dick and back up the shaft. I am going to swallow it. I want to feel your dick in my throat, I want you to put your hand on the back of my head. I want to feel you push my head down all the way to your balls. Now I am going to crawl up to you I am going to put my pussy in your face. You part my lips with you fingers and I can feel, the heat from your mouth, the coolness of your fingers.I feel your tongue licking,slapping at my clit. I can feel your fingers move back past my pussy to my ass. I can feel it slide in and out as I ride your tongue.
OH, here it comes I feel it as I moan my hot cum running out down to your tongue.I want your dick in me now. You pull me off your mouth and slide me down your chest and place my pussy down onto your dick. I began to ride it as hard as I can. I pull up and push back down so hard it hurts me. Your dick is so hard I can feel the vein's pulsing. I am going to explode. I want you in my ass and I want it now! You toss me over onto my belly. Then pulling me onto my knees. You slowly start to push your wet cock into my ass. Soft and slow for the first few times. Then we start to move faster and harder. You push in so hard and fast now I can feel your balls slap my clit. You start to moan as I am. As you start to cum you slap my ass. You slap it harder as I join you and we cum together. Now get on your knees and lick me clean!

iamower29man 41M

11/26/2005 6:53 pm

i just read this and o my good god talk about hot this woman is some thing else if she car write like this i wounder what she is like in person i just hope i can get the chance to chat with her some time i would be luckey to meet her but i am not holing my breath

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