Sex and Friendship  

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9/9/2006 9:43 am

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Sex and Friendship

We have friends that we are not sexual with that is true. But we don't see those that we do have sex with as some other class of friend. Friends are friends.
We would like it if someone could explain to us why most people in the lifestyle have compartmentalized people they know into two groups. Those they share their day to day lives with and those with whom they "play" with.
Even if they ask for discretion. Don't they have enough confidence in those they would consider having sex with to be discreet and respect their wishes, and to not be blatantly over sexual with them when the situation called for it.
We believe that if you are intimate enough to be sexual with someone you should be intimate enough to know about the other things in their lives as well.
How could you be intimate with someone sexually and NOT want to know about them personally. Any one can put on a face for a couple of hours to get laid.
We have found that the catch phrase "No Drama" does not carry the meaning we thought it did. We thought that it meant that a couple had a stable relationship and were ready for this crucial step, but what we have found is that it usually means we are not interested in getting to know anything about you beyond the first 20 Min's.
Which makes some feel like an extension of things the other couple has to entertain themselves with not true human beings.
We see friends in the lifestyle as FRIENDS that we do all the same things with as any friends would, but with the addition of being comfortable in sharing our bodies with as well.


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9/9/2006 9:51 am

You know this is a very good question because I catch myself saying our vanilla friends for friends that we dont have sex with and then we have truly made some good friends swinging and I call them chocolate friends

I should stop, friends are friends, you are right!

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