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8/22/2005 9:16 pm

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Living around you is like living in a war zone. There are times in which there is relative peace, and other times when all hell breaks loose. I'm not sure I can handle this much longer. How can you?

Even so, the sex is awesome. Good God, how can I turn you loose? Isn't a little excitement in the daily life small price to pay for some of the best kissing and loving a woman ever got?
Well, okay, perhaps I could find another somewhere's not like I'm not looking, but boy howdy you turn me on, babe.

I could write pages just about your hands or how much I love the feel of your beard on my body. That's a revelation, just how sensuous a beard can be??? That must be one of the world's best kept secrets, no woman I ever knew told me about that. Then there's your penchant for finding all my most sensitive spots...places I never knew about. Sure I can tell the next guy, but you're the discoverer, so perhaps we should tattoo a little flag on those spots with your name in teeny tiny letters, like the American Flag on the moon. Oh yeah, there's your mouth and the way you use it on me. Nobody ever made me like it like you.

Even so, is that enough compensation for the disasters that occur in your everyday life? I want some peace and quiet. I'm really tired of all the uproar, it's not even my stuff, but it happens to you so...

I just got done drying the carpet after your latest contribution to disaster in my house. That may not be fixable you know. I may have to replace the carpet. It's not all your fault, but I just can't afford that type of stuff. You can't fix one problem and leave behind two, that just doesn't work for me.

And the criticism about the way I do things, that's just wrong. I don't criticize you and babe you are totally vulnerable. Two kids with police records? Sure one doesn't know, I don't have any idea what went on in your family. But then again, you don't know what went on in mine either.

Okay so my dog bit your face and you have 11 stitches...that's no reason to hate me! If you hadn't brought your dog to my house they wouldn't have been fighting and you wouldn't have gotten in the middle of them..I did ask you NOT to bring your dog. Warned you that she was an alpha female, just like me.

Is my life like a soap opera since you arrived? Yepper buddy. I think I'm clean enough now!

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