life can still be a blast in your 40's  

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3/4/2006 8:55 pm

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life can still be a blast in your 40's

Ok, middle age never sounded like much to look forward to when I was younger. Older, heavier, lots of responsibilities dragging you down. But much to my surprise, there can still be laughter, fun and sex--oh yeah, not just once in a blue moon boring repetitive sex, but the curl your toes, take your breath away, I haven't felt like this since I was in my twenties sex! The key is to really relax, get away from the daily monotony and unwind--REALLY unwind! I got to do just that recently with a friend that I had gotten really comfortable with. We had similar things keeping us crazy-work, kids, bills--all the same things that drain you. Our conversations got more and more comfortable over time and finally turned to our lack of lovin. She had been on her own with just her kids for some time and refused to let the ex have any even though he still came around looking for some. Me-my once hot love life at home had long ago gone the way of kids, overweight self-conscious spouse (doesn't bother me but does bother her). Any way we joked for weeks about how neglected we both were. We even shared some sexual stories of past experiences when we were younger. Our conversations grew more and more intimate, more and more detailed about our likes and dislikes in bed. She seemed unbelieving in my stating how much I loved to perform oral sex, and how much pleasure I found in pleasing my partner. I didn't understand why she found this hard to believe, but evidently her previous partners were more the wham bam type. She asked me to come by her house one night to look at some stuff on her computer that wasn't working right. I said ok but wondered if being alone with her at her house might lead to more than looking at her computer. When I got to her house, she showed me to her desk and her computer and then excused herself as I started to look at it. After a few minutes I heard her calling to me to come back to what turned out to be her bedroom! Now both of us are in our mid-40's and are no skinny young things. But when I got to her bedroom door, before me stood a beautiful mature woman with nothing on but a smile! She told me she wanted to see if I really enjoyed eating pussy as much as I said. All I could do was drop to my knees and gently push her back to the edge of her bed. As she laid back I leaned up over her and kissed her full lips for the very first time and felt her tongue slide into my mouth as we began to kiss like a couple of teenagers! I struggled out of my own clothes as we continued to make out as if our lives depended on it. As I kissed my way down her neck and cupped her beautiful, huge tits, she commented on being self-conscious about some scars and stretchmarks--I told her not to worry adding she was beautiful and kissed her scars as well as her dark sexy nipples and was thrilled to hear her moan with pleasure as I kissed, licked and sucked her as I grew hard with all the sounds she made exciting me beyond measure. As I worked my way down her stomach, she suddenly flipped around and started pulling on my dick as I pulled her lips open and started nibbling all around her clit without actually touching it--I jerked as I felt her hot wet mouth swallow my cock and start sucking and pulling as she moaned all around me in her mouth. As I began to eat her in earnest, I stroked in and out of her with my fingers as my tongue began a true loving on her love button. I pulled away from her mouth as I didn't want to come too soon and it had been a long time since I had been so wrapped up in real passion. As I continued loving on her sweet hot pussy her moans became louder and her hips started to move harder and faster against my face until she clamped her legs round my head and let out a blood curdling scream as I didn't let up on her. She collapsed for just a few seconds and I caught my breath for just a moment before I dove right back in and started in again. As her juices were flowing heavily down to her ass, I used that to lube a finger. As she quickly came back towards another climax, I waited until she was on the edge again and slipped a finger into her ass, driving her into another screaming orgasm, this time with her squirting like crazy as she came and came all over the place. I was throbbing like crazy with all this excitement and she rolled me onto my back and straddled me with her hands guiding straight into her. "I want you to come in me and give me all you have, don't hold back!" She started to ride me hard and I hung on to her ass as she threw her head back and groaned she was coming again! I couldn't hold back and let loose shot after shot of cum into her as she rode me, literally pulling every drop out of me. We both collapsed on the bed in a pile of sweat and love juices. After we lay there catching our breath for a while, I just had to start running my hands all over her again. As she lay on her side, I positioned myself behind her with my head right behind her ass and pulled her ass cheeks apart so I could again lick her. With all her juices soaking her, I drank in as much as I could while I ran fingers in and out of every place I could find. She pushed hard back against my fingers and tongue and started to make what could only be described as growling sounds. I was surprised that as she reached behind her to touch me, I was already hard as a rock! At my age! I can usually go a few rounds, but normally don't get the chance and even on those rare occasions when I do it takes more time than this! Our heated coupling was producing a passion I hadn't felt in a long while! As she tightened her grip around me, she shook with yet another orgasm while I kept eating her! Then she rolled onto her stomach and arched her back, invitingly pointing her full rpund ass at me. As I straddled her just behind her hips, she never let loose of me. As I started to move to enter her again, she guided me higher and put me right at her ass. "Go ahead, I know you want to put it in there" I know her ass had responded to my fingers but I had'nt expected this--her ass was so soaked with our juices already, I only had to rub myself along her crack a few times before she pushed back and the head of my dick popped in to her wet tight hole--she groaned for a minute and held still and then again pushed back as I held onto her full hips and slowly pushed inch after inch into her oh-so tight ass. We started a slow rhythem as she grabbed the sheets with both hands and backed harder against me, growling and then moaning louder. Even though I had just come a short while ago this was turning me on so much I could feel that tingling in my balls starting to build. I told her I was going to cum in her ass and that put her over the top as she started yelling at me to do it- cum in my ass! She pushed up and held me tight in her ass and clenched down on me so hard as once again I shot load after load into her behind as she screamed that she was cumming again! We both collapsed this time as I plopped out of her ass. After a hot shower together we agreed we had to do this again-and we have on a regular basis every since when we can both sneak away-oh yes life can be a blast in your 40's!

JustaSeeker 106F

3/4/2006 10:32 pm

Mzhuny is right. Sex after 40 is the stuff for a woman. Dayum.

trediz3 58M

3/5/2006 3:21 pm

if you are are any indication--I can't wait!

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