Growing more intimate  

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9/19/2005 10:27 am

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Growing more intimate

I find it so very amazing that each time that we are together it gets so much better and the after shocks last so much longer. Yesterday was soooooooooo amazing. The first glimpse of you as you entered the room, having to hold myself back from pulling you to me so that I had a chance to see your beauty, embrace your symmetry. pulling you into my arms, the desperate tight hold, the first kiss, the first touch, to feel you shake and then quiver, to hear you moan, to feel you push against me, to feel your hand on me, to join your rhythm ... urgently leading me to the bed ...undressing, watching you reveal your true beauty ... uncontrollable impulses, laying down before me, spreading open for me, touching you, you touching you, being unable to wait until I entered you, feeling the wet hot heaven, opening up wider, wanting more, becoming rejoined as one, feeling your energy grow, faster, harder. pulling up on your legs to increase my penetration, faster, harder ... ... ... push hard, feel you cumming, feeling you quake, feeling you drip, feeling you tighten around me ... ... and then release as I move down your body searching for the next treasure ... your hot sweet cum on my hungry tongue ... holding it open ... wanting more of me ... teasing your clit ... drinking you in as I rise again and drive my cock into your pussy again, pulling me tighter wanting to be fucked harder, faster, longer, raising you up ... sitting on me, driving me deeper ... leaning back to feel me against the top of your pussy ....

I always am able to replay each exquisite moment in sequence and relive each feeling, each reaction ... I hold tightly to those treasured memories for they bring joy to my entirety ...

rest ... relax ... talk ... discover ... dig deeper ... unravel ... drop the walls ... examine each angle ... all of the facets touching me, blinding my senses ... always bliss in sex and more bliss in talk ... becoming more free ... committing to be more open, memorize every word, accept, appreciate, share ... total trust. The most amazing things that have ever washed over me ... not just experienced but fully immersed.

Baby I can not find the words or the phrases to explain how you make me feel or to express my gratitude, or the awe and wonderment you inspire. Even as we spoke on the phone today I was pinching myself to see if I was dreaming, while at the same time, if I were to find out that this was a dream, to pray to never wake up.

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