An afternoon surprise  

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9/20/2005 5:59 am

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An afternoon surprise

It was to be an afternoon tryst, like usual, I had arranged a hotel suite for our meeting, we liked to be able to get away from the bedroom after making love to have long deep discussions, challenge each others minds, discover each others hopes and dreams before returning to the bed to continue our hot steamy love making. As always I was impatiently awaiting her arrival.

A knock on the door, it was her. She was dressed in a 1950’s style dress that buttoned down the entire front from the neck to the hem which hung below her knees. This was not her usual attire. I also noticed that she wore nylons and high heels, again a departure from norm. Always, upon her arrival I grabbed her to embrace her and hold her, but this time she held me away and stood back. She slowly closed the door and locked it and turned back to me with a naughty little glint in her eye. She said that she wanted me to tear the dress off from her, to rip the buttons away forcefully. I grabbed the material and pulled it apart violently, popping all of the buttons off and revealed her luscious body, but to my surprise she was dressed in the most sensational and erotic lingerie … bare breasts … black garter holing up thigh high black hoes … a lacey see through thong and come fuck me heels. I was blown away. This was totally unexpected. The dress fell in a rumpled pile on the floor and I became instantly erect. I reached for the buttons on my shirt to join her in her nakedness, yearning to hold that velvet body next me, but she pulled my hands away and placed them on her hips and told me not to move them. Then she began to place erotic kisses on my lips and my neck, nibbling on my lips and ears and more kisses all around my face. She began to unbutton my shirt as she kissed me, moving her tongue and luscious lips onto my neck and my chest. She nibbled and teased my nipples, they became hard and erect. I felt her tongue as she erotically made figures with it on my chest. I tried to grab her, I was so hard and I wanted her so badly, but she took my hands and placed them on her shoulders and told me to keep them there. She reached for my belt and deftly loosened it and opened my fly and slid her hand under my underwear and grabbed my cock. I was throbbing, fully erect, wanting to find relief. She stroked me erotically as she lowered herself to her knees, pulling down my underwear revealing my agonizingly hard cock. She took it in her hands and placed her tongue gently at the bottom of my pipe and slowly drew her tongue up the shaft flicking the head as she reached the top, and then repeated this each time going a slight bit faster and adding intensity and greater pressure, teasing me, making me crazy with desire. Finally I could stand no more and grabbed her hair and shoved my cock into her mouth, she eagerly took it in. She took all of my throbbing erection in her mouth, moving her head up and down, making it feel like her wet hot pussy. She was fucking me with her mouth. I was nearing a climax and somehow she could tell and she pulled her mouth from my cock, standing up to face me, licking her lips, making erotic sounds deep in her throat. I tried to grab her again. I wanted her! Needed her! I was crazy with desire. She pushed me away and instead of coming to my embrace she led me to the couch and pushed me backwards to make me sit down. She said to stay there, don’t move, do not touch your cock. She backed up a few paces still licking her lips, making soft throaty moaning sounds. She began to dance, an erotic, gyrating, sensual dance, twirling and swaying to some inner music. She slowly and exotically removed her thong. I could see her wet glistening pussy, her erect nipples on her full breasts. Now all that remained were her garter, hose and heels. She danced the dance of a temptress and began to use her fingers on her pussy, rubbing her clit, placing them inside of her, the other hand pinching her nipple. I was so hard I felt I might explode. She took the wetness from her pussy and placed some on each nipple and some on her lips, placing her fingers in her mouth licking the rest away. She approached me … placing her nipples near my face, my tongue reached out to taste her. I had a brief taste of them. I could taste her sweet erotic juice … I wanted more … before I could suck her nipple into my mouth she pulled them away and began to rub them against my chest moving her tits down along my body so that they touched the tip of my dick. She lightly brushed her lips to mine and I could taste her once again, her tits teasing my cock and her lips and tongue teasing my mouth and nipples. She stood up and straddled me lowering her pussy onto my cock. Once again I grabbed for her to drive her hips down and my cock into her, but she pushed my hands away and put them back down on the couch along my sides, she was holding herself so that her hot wet pussy was just touching the head of my cock. She began to move her hips just letting my dick rub against her lips and brush against her clit … finally I could take no more, I was crazy with lust and desire and I grabbed her hips and shoved her down onto my cock, thrusting fully into her. She through her head back and moaned loudly and began to move up and down my throbbing pipe. Taking it deeper and harder, going faster and faster, spreading her legs farther apart to take more of me in. I could feel that I was filling her; I felt the walls of her pussy as she drove down against me, I arched up to fuck her harder. She was leaning back and moaning, gutter Ural animal sounds from deep in her throat. I could feel her juices flowing down on me. Then she suddenly stopped and slowly rose up releasing my cock and took 2 steps back. She turned around and bent over in front of me. I could see her wetness dripping down her legs, her sweet wet throbbing pussy and her incredible ass. Once again she began using her fingers to play with her pussy and this time she also began to play with her ass, teasing it, placing her finger in, getting it wet and ready. Once again I was on the verge of insanity and I had to have her … I grabbed her and brought her down to my lap driving my cock into her pussy … once again she through her head back and moaned letting out a gush of wetness from her pussy. She was facing away from me, spreading he legs wider, and riding my cock. Harder, faster, harder, faster, screaming for me to fuck her hard. I reached down and brought her thighs up placing all of her weight onto her pussy driving me more deeply in. I moved her in circles. My cock could feel the walls of her, the g spot as I drove deeper in her … then suddenly she arched up, throwing her head back and let out a scream of total satisfaction … at the same time I exploded deep within her, she could feel my hot cum shooting up her pussy as I felt her juices flowing down all over me … then we stayed locked tightly together, her pussy continued to tighten around my shaft as wave after wave of orgasms washed over her … and the at last … final release. She lay back against me exhausted … spent. I could still feel small vibrations moving through her raising bumps on her skin. I engulfed her in my arms and took the blanket from the couch and wrapped it around us. She remained sitting on me. I remained in her, but we had reached total complete satisfaction and now it was time to savor the after glow. I held her tenderly … finally she removed me from her and turned sideways laying her head against my chest and curled up in my lap. Once again we had advanced our journey and now was the time to savor the path we had taken.

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11/26/2006 3:54 pm

This is a very hot and erotic story. Would love to share this with you..........

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