Wat a mess!!!!!  

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5/5/2005 7:31 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Wat a mess!!!!!

This post is dedicated to the sweet devil gal whom I've dissapointed. The main reason why I wouldn't want to meet you is becoz, I'm not looking for a commitment. I juz wanna be ur friend!

Is there an agenda for everybody who visits the AdultFriendFinder? So what is it that everybody wants to achieve from AdultFriendFinder? Are you looking in the right place? Does AdultFriendFinder provides what you're looking for? Have you found it?

I love reading profiles, both guys and gals. I find them interesting and it provides me an insight to a person, without the person's knowledge.

It may not apply to all, but I've got a common finding for the ladies who visit the AdultFriendFinder. 60% of the ladies are on the slightly heavy side. 70% of the ladies are looking for long term relationship. 75% are actually looking for the right person, after some failed relationship!!!

Almost 95% of the guys are looking for ONS, which is also my intention when I joined the AdultFriendFinder! ONS means discreet, one time affair with no strings attached. After the event, the couple can choose to date again as fuck buddies or life goes on.

My statistics might be a little off, but nevertheless, I do find it a very amusing. Do think about it!

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