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5/4/2005 10:36 am

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Meeting Up....

I've never been to a meetup in AdultFriendFinder. Never becoz I always chicken out at the last minute. Not that there isn't any invitation, but I guess there are a few contributing factor....

a. Inferiority Complex: Happens to a lot of chinese guys who are not confident enough. Perhaps we are not a highly boastful lot where our culture wants us to be humble. I am often not able to bring out my best points across. For eg. During an interview, the interviewer would often ask "Are you good at Computer", the common reply would be "So so.. lah". Instead, the interviewer would like to hear replies like "I'm good with database programmes, languages like Visual Basic are my forte and I'm adapt at fixing broken down networks as well". So, there is no way I can ever impress a gal.

b. Singapore is a tiny island. Everyone around you is so close! I bumped into someone else's car the other day. Turns out that he is also another car forum clubber. We managed to settle the issue amiably. So being discreet in Singapore is almost impossible!!!

c. Topics to talk about. I do not think that I not knowledgeable, but a guy's interest is never a gal's interest. Would a lady be interested to listen to me yak the whole day about the latest technology, cars, diving equipments, etc?? Guess she'll soon be sleeping after I've started!

d. The Sex. Is it really Sex that one is finding in AdultFriendFinder?? Do you really do it the first time you meet? There was a lady forummer who asked in the middle of a chat room... Do you come AdultFriendFinder for Sex or Chat? Lots of ppl became dumbfounded. Eventually, I guess... most of the people are after the flirting session. Oh, can I add... to watch the webcam beauties too??

Please do write in your comments! I'd love to read them!

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