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5/3/2005 8:44 am

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I'm a simple guy. So how exactly does a simple Joe like me get attention in a chatroom? Why do I visit a chatroom?

I've been pondering on these question for quite some time now. Ever wonder the limited amount of ways you can grab attention? Multi-coloured alphabets, Cameras, Attention-grabbing Nicks, etc... rather limited I guess. So what gives??

My Conclusion: Ultimately, the content of your posts. It makes hell lot of difference for people to make an impression on you! From the way of speech, spelling mistakes, views, language, attitude, etc. Somehow, it makes people form an opinion of you in their minds! No matter how you look or actually think!

Post too much of those 'Hi there!' and you're one of those empty air-head, without substances. Post too little and you dun even get noticed! So, when is too much and too little??? How do you politely 'invade' into someone else's conversation? That, my friend, is truly an art!!!

But guess what? I'm simply contented to see how desperate, arrogant, aggressive, some people can get when they vie for attention... but eventually, what do they do when they do get attention?? Well, that's what I'm gonna find out!!!

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