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8/20/2005 2:24 pm

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wells nevada

Yesterday was a long boring day spent waiting to unload in the hot sun of Henderson NV. They finally got to me 5 hours after my appointment. Then I moved down the road to the plant and waited 6 hours for my appointment there. Finally at 12:30 am (that would be 2:30 am where I'm from) I was loaded and ready to roll.

My refer unit is currently running off a jumper cable between it and the tractor. It either needs a new battery, a new alternator, or both. Tell me, how do these dam things know when it is Saturday and the Thermo-Kings are closed? I think I'll just leave it as it is and drag it back to the junk yard.

So where am I headed on this little trip. I left Vegas and traveled up 93. I'm in Wells Nevada now. The local cathouse is advertising on the CB that they have 12 girls working. They have vip rooms with large screen tv where a fella can watch a dirty movie with the girl of his choosing or even make his own movie. They have a full bar, six acre overnight truck parking, jacuzzi bath, massage tables. And as I mentioned before 12 lovely women in all shapes and colors.

Guess I'll go get my coffee cup filled and get under way before I'm led a stray. I'll be online again when I reach Caldwell Id.

Later travlin friends
Happy trails

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