railroaders say "Did I do that"  

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7/5/2005 8:53 pm

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railroaders say "Did I do that"

Dateline: St. George Utah

My independence day celebration was cut short because of my dependence on getting a paycheck. I had to leave home on the 4th in order to deliver a load of Dove Bar in Denver this morning.

After unloading in Denver they deadheaded me to St. George Utah. I will load some Blue Bunny in the morning consigned to Walmart in Grandview Washington. That will deliver Thursday night.

Called in a 911 today. As I was going past Parachute Colorado, I saw a railroad maintenance crew (just 2 guys) outside of their track mounted truck trying to shovel dirt on the flames. I imagine that they were hoping to get it put out on their own and no one would be the wiser and they wouldn't have to bear the ribbing by their co-workers and friends. But the flame was moving out in all directions from their truck and I don't think they stood any chance of things getting better only worse. Hopefully the fire department arrived soon and made short work of the blaze.

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