life in the fast lane  

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9/7/2005 6:14 pm

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life in the fast lane

I have been busy lately trying to make up for some bad dispatching that left me at home a week longer than I had intended.
Last night as I sped across Montana, I met one of Bambi's buddies. He came from the left out of the dark. OMG what a mess. Thankfully only minor damage to the truck. I think that is the 6th one in 23years of driving.
I recieved a surprise phone call from a company outside of trucking. The owner of the company asked me to stop in and apply for a job. This company makes a water heating device that I installed in my house a year ago. It took us off of heating oil and now we are all electric. It heats water very cheap. It heats our home and our domestic water. Anyway last week I sent him an idea for a use for the equipment and he was impressed.
One of the blogs I read lately asked what the best compliment ever recieved was... for me,,, someone calling and telling me I'm wasting my creative talents driving a truck has to be it.
Anyway,,, tomorrow I meet with the guy and I expect my life will finally change. Too bad it didn't happen on any of my earlier ventures while the kids were living at home. They missed out on a lot of camping, fishing, boating, hunting, cuz trucking consumes family life.
The boys are off to school now, and they are doing good. Growing up fine despite having the worlds worst dad.
I'm off across South Dakota now,,,,looks like its gonna rain on me tonight.

travlndog 58M  
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9/28/2005 10:28 pm

katey,,, thanks I'll catch ya online again.

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