here we go again  

travlndog 58M  
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6/22/2005 11:17 am

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9/19/2008 2:01 pm

here we go again

Awww Geez, this week it is a load from Hagerstown Md to Henderson Nv. Right back accross the same road I traveled this week.
Hmmmm wonder ifn there will be any hotties out flashing truckers. Sure been a while since the last time I got so fortunate. I just love it when the girls are out having fun teasing us just a bit. Allowing that glimpse and then they dash off leaving us with a smile that lasts for miles. And a tale to tell the guys at the restaurant counter.

0mnisex 37M

5/2/2007 4:43 pm

I love to flash truckers! I'll be waiting for a big bored trucker to drive by and strut out from behind the car in nothing but a thong and heels! What a rush!

rm_jeremyg692 30M
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2/6/2008 6:01 pm


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