dennis the menace has landed  

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7/10/2005 11:24 pm

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dennis the menace has landed

Dateline Rawlins Wyoming

Hurricane Dennis has slammed the south,, I am so glad to be up on I-80.

It was a great day rolling up thru utah. The weather was gorgeous. I turned the radio on FM. Caught "A praire home companion". The only good program on public radio. I'm always amazed at the assembly of such talent and yet commercially unviable. Garrison Keillor has a good intellect, and a great talent but so maddenly misguided.

I am to smart.
My IQ is just high enough that I'm aware that I don't know anything. One point lower and my life would be blessed. I would go thru life unaware that I don't know a thing. Everything would be simpler... nobody would expect anything of me.

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