Why Do We Find A Woman So Sexy? By a Man...  

travelingintexas 41M
8/15/2005 10:38 am
Why Do We Find A Woman So Sexy? By a Man...

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Evidently every time I hear a Tracy Chapman song I am compelled to write a blog grrrrrrrr

As I sat here in my favorite Starbucks doing some work, I looked up and a stranger, a woman, dressed for business and pulling her laptop behind her was entering the front door. I honestly don't know what it is that catches our eyes, our minds, or imagination but I wanted to see if I could capture a little bit of that essence here.

See... it's not a type. Its not a big, short, tall or skinny issue. Because as men, we will admit that we enjoy looking at all women, regardless of body type. Perhaps the thrill comes in the standoffishness, the fact we know that we cannot touch, cannot have. For us, the very site of a woman can entrap us for days. Set our mind to wandering to places beyond our control. Our visual side traps and can carry the very image of you to the very reaches and back. All without our being able to control it. Within moments of seeing, beyond our control or volition, we have already seen you in a bathing suit, naked, running on a beach and numerous other places.

I know for the woman a moment ago, I typically would have paid little attention except for her walk. Her walk declared I had better notice and I did. Even after she had left and was not longer even thinking of anyone at Starbucks, her sheer force of personality and presence left her lingering for a few moments in my mind.

Another woman is at the bar. I notice the way she stands. She's not saying she's impatient. The set of her hips are saying she is impatient. And it makes her sexy. And even another is dressed down today, long hair flowing, tanktop and camouflage pants with converse shoes. Her look is sexy because she is saying "who are you to care about me?" Elusive. Distant. Something the primordial man can not stand.

F*** You Eyes, upturned nose, looking past us, showing your impatient, beyond us, above us, aloof... it all drives us insane.

Your walk. Sultry, sexy, shaking, swishing or uptight. All have a different story. All make us watch you. All make us fantasize and dream. All make us wish for or hope for an opportunity for something, we know not what.

A woman just went through the drive thru. As she went past I happened to catch her eye. And she looked through me like I didn't exist in her world. And guys, that drives us nuts doesn't it. I probably wouldn't have noticed her at all, but since she seized the superior position and chose to look through me, she was now a queen.

The power you women possess is amazing. You capture our imagination and our hearts! Keep on with the good work!

duststormdiva 51F
6854 posts
8/17/2005 6:47 pm

Now I understand why you mentioned in talldardavg1's blog that I have never offered you my boobage pics. *wink*


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