Waste of a day?  

travelingintexas 41M
6/26/2005 8:07 pm
Waste of a day?

Can you beleive that I slept until 2 today. This coming from someone that is normaly at work by 6 in the morning so the competition gets crushed.I was up until 5 last night. Oh well. SO I laid around until oh 3 when my secretary came by. Ah yes I know what you are thinking. Honestly I was thinkign the same thing and so was she, but instead we watched Bull Durham. She had to get home and my parents made their weekly visit to tell me how screwed up I am.

Its amazing to me. You can be the best at what you do every single day and then your parents, whom you love, show up and make you feel five years old and useless. I guess nothing changes and everything changes. SO anyway, we discussed the future and I explained my reasoning for moving on. Yes their is the issue of the kids. Which is probably the hardest part of this. I was depressed all day because I didnt have anyone to yell at and tell to be quiet. Whats up with that. I could actually here there tv without turning it way up. That sucked. Its been 2 days. Someone tell me it gets better. That the longing eventually goes away and that things return to some semblance of normalacy.

Thank you to those of you that have already read my rambling. Your thoughts are appreciated. SO I have attempted to get back on some sense of a schedule and immersed myself in work. Who said money doesnt fix all problems. At least it gives me a way to hide from said problems.

Heading to Atlanta on Tuesday and come back on Saturday! Never been there except through the airport going other places. Not a lot of stuff to whine about tonight. Thinking of the direction I want to take this thing. I may start at the beggining over the next couple of days so I can dive into my true thinking.

tillerbabe 56F

1/6/2006 3:09 am


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