The Bachelorette... The Date  

travelingintexas 41M
11/4/2005 2:50 pm
The Bachelorette... The Date

Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome Back and thank you for your patience! We have some changes to announce!

Here are our lovely ladies:

Miss Tillerbabe & Miss Lucioustulip

Unfortunately we lost Lushgirl69.

Our Gentleman are as follows:
Mr. Bowtie, Mr. Solaire & Mr. Cole
Mr. 364, Mr. Prince & Mr. Boy

We lost Mr. 4nick8 and Mr. Azguy with no response.

I have the scores in from our two lovely ladies from the last competition.
Mr. Cole- 18
Mr. 364- 13
Mr. Boy- 12
Mr. Solaire- 11
Mr. Prince 10
Mr. 69iner- 9

Because we lost two contestants this time around, we will not be losing any active participants at this time.

So on with the show!

THIS post will be for the contestants ONLY until each one of the men have submitted their answers. Only then can the general public submit comments in the answer post. This rule will remain throughout the competition unless otherwise specified.

Today’s Contest!

You have already been scored based upon your first meeting. Today is your first date together. You are the master of your domain here, no pun intended. Describe the perfect first date or evening for you and our Bachelorettes. Your choice. Do one date for both or do a different date for each woman. It is your call.

What To Do:
Write up your answers and submit them in THIS post. Once the Gentleman have all answered and their comments have appeared, the ladies will then score the men. The scoring will be on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best score possible (in whole numbers and no one gets the same score.) Once all the answers from the Gentleman are in, it will be the responsibility of each of our lovely ladies to score the men and then email or message the scores to me. Ladies, do not post your scores. I will do this all at one time The Gentleman with the lowest score will receive an elegant boot in the ass out the door and into a waiting limo to a local pub to get wicked drunk.

Thank you and good luck!

Gentleman Traveling

tillerbabe 55F

11/4/2005 7:42 pm

I guess this means I still have to walk around With Prince on my ass....oh well,..... I sort of staring to like it...

EroGenOusKitty 41F

11/5/2005 9:10 am

Hi Trav...

Is it me or does that chick in your profile pic have exceptionally loooong arms???

rm_luke69iner 48M
3275 posts
11/6/2005 12:46 am

SWEET!!! Low score wins right!

This is gonna be swell. I ain't been on a date in years!

I've got an elaborate date set up for our two lovely ladies.

What I’ll do is make a trail of Skittles and assorted chocolates leading to my bedroom like they did in the movie ET. Actually I’ll leave a trail of Reeses Pieces too in case ET wants to visit.

I’ll even light some candles because I’m the romantic type. You know the smelly ones. Hell I might even take a bath too.

I’ll play some nice romantical type music like Metallica or Guns & Roses. I am soo gonna win this round.

Once the ladies arrive I’ll give them my best line:

Hi I would like to woo you purtty ladies … so we kin get nekkid!!!

Then I’ll let lose the howler monkeys!

Do I win?

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse
A persona che mai tornasse al mondo,
Questa fiamma staria senza piu scosse.
Ma perciocche giammai di questo fondo
Non torno vivo alcun, s'i'odo il vero,
Senza tema d'infamia ti rispondo

bulging_boy 49M

11/6/2005 2:38 am


You get my vote

bulging_boy 49M

11/6/2005 2:43 am

Now... my vote casting set aside for a minute, I would like to say that my date is for both ladies.

I know that it would be really easy for me to read the profiles and get into the mind of the ladies, but I feel it's only fair that my 'date' is taken from the individual perspective. I don't want cross date jealousy or anything like that.

Hell... if it were so, I'd set a picnic inside the firestation for Tiller and a table for two in a ladies only gym for our lovely tulip.

But... both of these lovely ladies deserve equal consideration which is why I have to set the scene for both in a shared date scenario.

Not shared in you'd both be there at the same time. Shit... my dreams aren't likely to come true while I'm living are they?

So... on with the show.

bulging_boy 49M

11/6/2005 3:35 am

I pick you up in the limo.

You have occupied my thoughts ever since I saw you at the airport, and I figured that I should make this a trip you wouldn't forget.

You come down to the hotel lobby and I comment on just how utterly spectacular you look. Suddenly the stars in the sky wilt when they see your beauty. Hearts fill and burst throughout the hotel as they catch sight of you, like dominoes falling men drop to their knees as you pass.

The smile on my face barely matches the glow in my heart that I am the one holding your hand. I lead you to the waiting car and open the door for you while you get in.

The chilled champagne already poured tastes sour next to your presence, but that is only my perspective. You enjoy the apertif, and lean back into the comfortable seating.

Sitting opposite you, I toast to your arrival in our beautiful country, and thank you for increasing it's net worth for the duration of your stay. I try to keep the evening schedule in my mind. There is so much that I have planned, despite being more spontaneous, what is in store needed to be booked in advance.

The limo pulls up in front of our Sky Tower. Home of Orbit, the revolving restaurant. Being your first visit, you have no idea what's in store as we ride the elevator all the way up through the clouds until we reach our destination.

Seated next to the window we are able to take in the beauty of the city and it's surrounds in true 360 degree wonder. The lights at night only add to the experience. In spite of what I promised myself, I can't help but look at you and wish silently that this night would last forever.

The waiter arrives with the menu and we both order. As requested, another bottle of Champagne arrives with a bouquet of flowers for you and a balloon.

We toast to the evening and order our meal.

I sigh internally as I watch you take in the breathtaking scenery. Not being one for heights, the fact I have braved this restaurant to be with you will go unnoticed. That doesn't matter to me. What matters is you.

We talk about you and your home town. We laugh at the shared interests and commonalities we share despite our distance. You place your hand on the table and I reach out to hold it. You tighten your grip on my hand making me feel at one with you.

Our meals long gone I glance at my watch and know that we have half an hour until our next stage. The bill has already been paid for as I don't want monetary exchanges to detract from this evening at all.

We descend to our still waiting limo and proceed to our next port of call.

As we arrive the helicopters rotors are just spinning up.

You look at me and smile as you realise what I have planned for us.

I smile back as I know you haven't guessed the entirety.

We board the helicopter and are strapped in. Our helmets are in place and the communication leads are plugged in. I test this by whispering to you. You turn to face me and I know you can hear.

Minutes later we are airborne and our hands are entwined.

While the restaurant gave us a 360 degree view from a fixed point, I wanted you to see more. The helicopter ride gave us that. As we hovered over the harbour and flew between the glass towers I felt a glow inside me - one I hoped was matched in you.

For an hour we flew around the city allowing you to see it in a way you couldn't from the ground, before heading across the water to
Waiheke Island a good 25 minutes from the city.

We touch down at our destination and are greeted by our hosts. A table has been prepared for us under the moonlight.

A selection of mouthwatering chocolates await along with tall glasses holding velvety smooth hot chocolate drinks. The host comes up beside me and informs me that the rooms have been prepared as I requested.

You sit and take in the surrounds as I delicately place one of the chocolates onto your lip for you. Watching the pleasure you gained as you allowed it to melt in your mouth gave me more than enough of a return on the evening.

As we lay back in the chairs staring up into the sky, the stars twinkling and the moon shining at you, I lean across and softly kiss you on the cheek.

I fought long and hard with myself, but I wanted to give you an evening where you could relax and submit to the pleasures you desired. So as I led you to your room, I made a point of telling you that my room was next door and was connected by an internal door.

Before you went inside, I held you for what felt like an instant. How I wished I could have held on to you forever. Another kiss and before you went inside, I asked you that if there was anything you needed, you only had to walk through the door to the other side.

One more thing I said you you as you turned. Burst the balloon when you're in bed.

I stood staring at the door for a few more seconds before I turned and went into my own room. I knew that the flowers covering the room would have made it slightly difficult for you to orient yourself and the rose petals covering the bed hopefully would make you realise your significance to me.

I was already in bed. The cool sheets against my naked form as I heard the pop of the balloon next door. I knew that you would find the diamond and the note that read...

I apologise for not finding a gem to match your beauty. The closest I could get was this. Please keep it to remind yourself that whatever happens in your life... you are the most precious of jewels to me

In the darkness my eyes searched for the door between our rooms, hoping upon hope that it would open

SibylBatchAxile 43M
384 posts
11/6/2005 6:40 am

Okay, here is my next episode of The Bachelorette...howler monkey free (luke, you had me rolling back there...LMAO..)


Purple Passion

She told me 7 o'clock, and I was ten minutes early. I killed the engine to the car and walked to her door. It was dark, but I still had my sunglasses on. Life just looks better that way, sometimes...

She answered the door, and my heart stopped for a second. She was radiant. She said hello. I just gave here a devious grin in return. "What?" she asked.

"Are you ready?" I said.

"Yes, just let me get my jacket." She came back quickly and locked her door.

I turned her around and kissed her deeply. She didn't protest at all.

That was good - I didn't feel like getting slapped this early in the night...

I reached into my jacket, pulling out a length of black silk. Before she could stop me, I already had it tied around her head, cutting off her vision.

"What -," she started, and I kissed her again to silence her.

"Shhhh," I said. "No more words - there will be time enough for them later." I took her hand and told her to follow me. I was her eyes now - her guide in the world for tonight.

The leather of the car seats groaned as she sat down. I closed the door and entered the driver's side. The engine of the 'Cuda growled as I turned the key.

"Where are we going," she asked, a slight hint of fear in her voice.

" words, remember? We are going to dinner, like I told you. It won't take too long to get there." We drove in silence the rest of the way to my place.

I parked the car, and exited. I opened her door and took her hand. I led her into my home - the scent of dinner was floating heavily throughout the air. I could tell she wanted to say something, but she held her tongue. That was good - I like a woman who can follow instructions...sometimes...

I took off her jacket and set it on a chair. I led her silently into the kitchen. I stopped her in front of the table and kissed her, our tongues finding each other.

I whispered softly into her ear - "If at any time you are uncomfortable and want me to stop, just say the safe-words, ok?" And I whispered them into her ears. She nodded and smiled.

I took off my coat and hung it on a chair.

"Oh, I forgot to mention...," I said as I touched her cheek. "This is a clothing-optional dinner."

I started to unbutton her blouse, taking the buttons slowly. Her breathing increased, but she didn't speak the words for me to stop. I removed the rest of her clothes in silence, her willing participation all I need to continue with the game.

She was naked as I sat her down in the padded chair at the table.

I stood behind her massaging her neck and shoulders. Her head rolled back and she sighed pleasurably. I worked my way down her arms, slowly kneading her soft and warm flesh. I brought her arms around behind the chair, caressing her palms.

It was then that I handcuffed her.

She gasped as I secured the cuffs to the chair with a piece of rope I had already attached to the chair. Her breath caught in her chest, but whether it was from excitement, or apprehension, I couldn't tell.

"Now let me go and get your meal..."

"But how will I eat?" she stammered.

"My dear, while you are at my every whim and will, I am yours to command - and yours to serve. I will take care of your needs." I retrieved the steaming food from the kitchen and set it out on the table, serving some on the plate that lay in front of her. "Now I won't claim to be a great cook by any means - but where I lack in those skills...I make up in others..."

I lit the candelabra on the table, and turned out the rest of the lights. I fetched a bottle of Merlot, and poured a glass for myself. I asked her what she wanted, and poured her a glass. As I brought the glasses over to her, I spilled a little of my wine on her breast.

"Oops," I said, "I think I just may have to clean that up. Can't let a good wine go to waste.." My tongue trailed across her breast, licking the sweet wine from her skin. I took her nipple in my mouth and she gasped, arching her back towards me. Her nipple became even harder as I sucked it deeper into my hungry mouth.

'This isn't fair," she breathed. "You are still clothed."

"Fair enough," I said. "Let me take care of that." I stripped off my clothes, throwing them onto the chair next to me. It felt great having my erection released from it's confines. I rubbed my throbbing flesh across her wet nipple. She breathed deeply and licked her lips.

"Is that better?" I asked.

"Uh huh" was all she could manage to let escape from her wet lips.

"But I think it's time to eat. No use letting a good meal get cold..." She whimpered as I knelt beside her and grabbed her fork, my other hand on her thigh, gently caressing.. I could smell her scent rising from her depths, and it was as intoxicating as the wine was. I gently cut her food, and placed it in her mouth. She devoured her food, but I had a strange sensation that she wasn't that hungry any more. My hand slowly worked in circles on her inner thigh, getting close, but not touching, the wetness that was being released from her sex.

She half-chewed, half-moaned as I continued to feed and touch her. Her hands clenched behind her as she pushed her pelvis forward, spreading her legs.

"Please," she begged.

"Shhhh...remember - this is my game today. Your chance will be coming soon enough...if you so desire.."

"Yesss," she gasped.

Her scent was overpowering as I gave her the last bite of her meal. I could see her juices glittering on her thighs in the dim glow of the candlelight. I gave her a drink from her glass and wiped her mouth off gently. I kissed her luscious lips as my hands caressed her flesh. She made like she was going to speak again, but I put my finger over her lips.

"I hope you enjoyed the dinner," I whispered into her ear.

"But it's time I took you home. Perhaps we can dine together again some time?"

I grabbed my clothes and removed the cuff key from the pocket.

"It shouldn't take you too long to get those cuffs off. Please blow out the candles and lock the door when you leave." I kissed her again and placed the key in her fingers.

"I will be waiting for you in the car..."

EroGenOusKitty 41F

11/6/2005 3:17 pm

I'll be right there... just give me a few minutes while I uncuff myself, down the rest of the wine on the table, love myself then blow out the candles.........

(Juan S)
2642 posts
11/6/2005 4:03 pm

Hmm... Something I have always wanted to do...

Beginning early afternoon, I would pick my date up and drive to the boat docks...
A medium sized rented cruiser with cabin would be our refuge for the day...
An afternoon of sun, swimming and jetskiing around a private island, a few miles
away from anywhere near the Bahamas.
By early evening it would be time to show off some of my cooking skills as we would probably be famished by this time. Scrambling onto the white sand beach and setting
up a make shift spit and large pot. Lighting a fire and placing water in the pot to Boil.
Then I would set up a small grill, placing steaks, shrimp and corn on the cob to grill.
I would then retrieve the large lobsters I had secluded below deck, with the water at a boil and place them in the pot to cook. All the while talking, laughing and getting to know each other better. With food cooking and darkness falling quickly, I would ask for her assistance in setting up a small tented shelter where we could enjoy our meal on the beach. Laying out a blanket and hauling a cooler onto the sand beside it. Waiting for the meal to finish, we would sip Champagne from crytal flutes from the cooler. Brazilian Jazz serenading us from a portable radio brought along.
Plopping onto the sand behind you, I would offer to massage your abused muscles from the days activities. Slowly applying my fingertips to your shoulders, neck and back. squeezing the tension from your body. Tracing the contour of your spine by "walking" my fingertips down the middle of your back. I would then move up to the sides of your head.
Gently massaging... After relaxing you, our food should be ready by now and after enjoying the meal, completely stuffing ourselves... I would ask if you would like to ask me 5 questions, if I get to ask five of you...complete honesty, no holds barred...
Sitting beside each other, you go first and ask five questions that I answer honestly and earnestly...
"My turn", I say nonchalantly...
1. What is your most erotic fantasy that you have yet to fulfill?
2. Would you like some more Champagne?
3. What is the most sensitive area of your body that you enjoy
being manipulated?
4. Its getting cold, would you come closer and cuddle with me?
5. Did you like it better when I gently kissed your lips or after we started to kiss deeply
and passionately? As I stare deeply into your eyes...

"What Kiss?" You ask a little surprised and confused...
"This one...", I answer...gently moving forward and tenderly kissing your lips...
Finding no resistance... I move my left hand to your waist and lower back...continuing to enjoy the taste and sensations of your lips and tongue against mine. My arm and hand moving upwards to hold more of your body against me as I lean back towards the blanket,
gently drawing you down with me. My right hand coming up now to enclose you within my
arms. My lips now blazing a slow, gentle trail along your cheek, jawline and onto your neck. Savoring the tender, delicious flesh...breathing in your natural aroma, my tongue playing along the side of your neck now, towards your earlobe, my left hand now allowing my fingers to roam through your hair, my right...moving tentatively onto your ass...
A nibble of your earlobe...a lick behind your ear and then returning to your delicious lips...
A deep, passionate kiss that feels as if our souls are screaming to unite...Our passion mounting as you begin to explore my chest and arms... momentarily breaking away...staring deeply into the windows of your soul...
I inform you that i would like to taste every inch of you...


AmberSolaire 42M

11/7/2005 3:35 pm

I skid the ole Tuscan to a stop in the rather delapidated city suburb.I check my watch 9 oclock, exactly as you requested when you called me at 6:45.Long enough to get his hopes up before needing rescuing.

As I pull up to Dariuses house I can see that the firetruck has beaten me to it.Where once his digs stood is nothing but a pile of rubble and smouldering embers.I guess thats what you get if you mix blindfolds, handcuffs and and ungaurded candles.

To his credit I learn from the fire crew that he did go back in after you, however he never emerged.Certainly a memorable first date.

After surveying the scene and making sure there was nothing I could do to help, I made a reminder to continue my standing order to the fire service and backed the car round.Things could be worse at least Ive saved myself the cost of the private jet,the private getaway,the new wardrobe and having to consult her nearest and dearest over her likes/dislikes without knowing wether she would "put out" at the end!!!!!!!!!

If I just hurry I could make SKs brothel before closing........I hear they are starting their CHRISTMAS SPECIALS and the BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offer doesnt end till next week.Maybe it wont be such a bad night after all WEG



AmberSolaire 42M

11/7/2005 3:36 pm

I skid the ole Tuscan to a stop in the rather delapidated city suburb.I check my watch 9 oclock, exactly as you requested when you called me at 6:45.Long enough to get his hopes up before needing rescuing.

As I pull up to Dariuses house I can see that the firetruck has beaten me to it.Where once his digs stood is nothing but a pile of rubble and smouldering embers.I guess thats what you get if you mix blindfolds, handcuffs and and ungaurded candles.

To his credit I learn from the fire crew that he did go back in after you, however he never emerged.Certainly a memorable first date.

After surveying the scene and making sure there was nothing I could do to help, I made a reminder to continue my standing order to the fire service and backed the car round.Things could be worse at least Ive saved myself the cost of the private jet,the private getaway,the new wardrobe and having to consult her nearest and dearest over her likes/dislikes without knowing wether she would "put out" at the end!!!!!!!!!

If I just hurry I could make SKs brothel before closing........I hear they are starting their CHRISTMAS SPECIALS and the BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offer doesnt end till next week.Maybe it wont be such a bad night after all WEG



SibylBatchAxile 43M
384 posts
11/7/2005 5:55 pm

Amber -


I definitely have to bow to you on that one...

tillerbabe 55F

11/8/2005 8:09 pm

Ah shit....and I didn't even get to "fight" the fire????? That is so fuc'd I can't breathe...."cuffed", wet, and theres a raging fire that I can't even participate in and my co-workers see me naked..., cuffed to a chair and a wet pussy....Niiiiiceee, like I'm gonna "live that down"...

AlbertPrince 57M

11/9/2005 11:36 am

I know you're waiting for me, I won't be long.

AlbertPrince 57M

11/9/2005 2:21 pm

I arrive at the club, to meet her as we arranged. First thing I notice when I come in the door is that thumping, the whump-thump-thump of the music. I can feel it in the air. I can feel it in my blood.

The smoky dark air is alive, crackling, electric and I wonder if everybody feels it. The little tiny hairs on my bare arm prickle and stand at attention, as I see her. She's looking dead at me. She extends her hand to me, reaching. I hesitate, just a moment. I smile, trying for only a hint of promise. I fail. I'm grinning. Something alive jumps into her eyes, and she grins back. I let her take my hand in hers.

The electricity I felt earlier now rages in her touch. I am being taken by force and I do not care, I welcome it. I lose all control. I let go. She grasps both my hands, and I close my eyes and feel alive, more alive than I ever am at home, at work, at anyplace else but here, when I'm dancing.

I feel a touch on my elbow. “It's past twelve-thirty”, I say. “You need to be going home?” She shakes her head “No. I’m not done yet”, she says. “I was hoping you'd say that”, I say with a grin in my voice. I turn to look at her. The grin is plastered right there on my face, wide and hungry.

Her touch at my elbow becomes more caressing, more demanding as it travels up my exposed arm to the edge of my short sleeve. She moves closer in, breathing on me. Her breath is hot, like her touch on my arm. I bend my head to catch her eye in mine. She stares right back, unafraid.

We stand there quietly, her hand still on me, making the hairs on my arm tingle and stand up again. I don't say anything. I don't move a muscle. I'm waiting for the music to return. I look straight into her eyes, serious and hard, and softly touch one finger to her lips. I let my finger travel across her lips and caress her cheek.

My eyes narrow, speculating. They flick upwards, once, twice. Suggesting a possibility.

Her head tilts upwards, meaningfully, her whole expression a big question mark.

I give one small nod. Finally she understands.

I reach out with my big hand and gently lead her. She follows and I let my attention rest on the wonderful warm feeling of her hand in mine.

We come to a wooden door, hidden in a dark corner of the big room. As we make our way up darkened narrow stairs I feel something jump deep inside me and I breathe a little faster.

We reach the top of the stairs and emerge into a balcony. It's unlit, pitch-dark. Suddenly her hands are all over me, pawing at my shirt, at my body But I pull away sharply. “Not yet!”

I can barely see her there in the dark, but I can feel her stunned silence.
Then down below, the music starts. The horns start it off, a slow brassy fanfare that gives way to silky saxophones insinuating a slow, luscious melody. I smile and step forward taking her into my arms. Surprised, she clasps me to her. I begin to sway against her. She matches my rhythm. We are dancing, and it is wonderful.

As we move my hands slide ever so slowly up and down her back. She shivers and I hold her just the littlest bit tighter. I slide one hand up to the top button at the back of her neck. First one, then the next until all the buttons are open, her dress gaping to reveal her shoulders and back. My hands touch bare skin lightly. The half-empty dress slides down her back to the floor. She steps out of it and keeps swaying against me.

I put my hands around her and caress her naked back, her waist, her shoulders. In the darkness my world spins, and I cling tightly to her. She is totally naked except for her pants, and shoes. Her shivering has given way to trembling, and a quiet moan rises out of her.

”Please”, she groans, “please...“

I chuckle. My hands settle at the small of her back and rest, making her growl in disappointment. I’m teasing her, but she is naked and too aroused for that now. I hold her tight again and she hitches up her body until our bellies are pressed close together. She tilts her bottom and push right up to me. She feels the prod of my hardness, and knows that her nakedness has affected me, too.

She fumbles at my belt, all thumbs in her hurry. She presses her body against me and wriggles, her breasts crushing against my chest, her belly and thighs stimulating me. Her breathing quickens.

Below us the band has moved into a bouncing swing tune. The change suits me just fine, I'm more than ready. Almost shaking with impatience, she tries for my belt again but my hands are already there. My pants fall down on the floor in a heap, as she kicks off her shoes.

She giggles, but before I can respond she takes me in her hand and moves up and down my length. my hand slides into the front of my pants and she sighs and parts her thighs to let me in, and sighs again, louder and longer, as I press against her and then slip my questing fingers inside. They move in, deeper and deeper.

My constricting underpants impede her progress and she tries to get them off, but with a growl she gives up, instead grabbing the crotch with both her thumbs and ripping it apart. My gasp changes into a loud moan as she grasps me, and I know I simply cannot wait another second.

Down on the floor the band is hitting it hard, propelled by a thudding base, tinkling piano keys, and the muted crashing of the hi-hat cymbals. I ache for her but I can't ignore the movement of the music. The lightning in my blood won't let me merely lie back and take a slow loving. I need to go with the rhythm, to be part of the blanket of sound that is all around me.

With a smooth, quick motion I hook her arms around my neck again and hoist her up. As she makes the leap she spreads her legs wide and clamps them around me. I catch her, cupping her in my outspread hands and she rests back against my hands. With a soft, spreading motion I open her wide and let her down, slowly, slowly, slowly, until the tip of my straining manhood rests at her exposed entrance. She shifts her weight around a little to help the angle. Then I deliberately lower her onto me.

I press into her, slowly, deeper. We stand that way for an endless moment. In the meantime the band has swung back into a slow blues, and we spend those few peaceful minutes in that position, unmoving.

And then the blues gives way to a jump tune like the number we danced to before, and my hands start to jiggle, lifting her up and down on my cock. Her inner walls come alive, and as I thrust her body up and down onto me the pressure starts to build deep inside. The pleasure is exquisite, but now urgent, needy, driving.

As the drums accelerate and the horns thunder along, speeding relentlessly through the melody, she starts to move. With her ankles and arms clenching around my body she pulls herself up and down, up and down, impaling herself on me. Down in the band section one of the guys shouts out Hah! and another answers Oh, Yes! and I think Yes Yes Oh Yes That's Right Don't Stop, moving right along with them, keeping up with the soaring and swooping of the notes as she furiously rams me deep into her.

And as the music climbs toward that big finish I grunt and stiffen up, and she slams down onto me the hardest yet. she screams as the world explodes with us in it, and we all burst into stars together, me, her and the music, climaxing as one.

Dazed, we remain still a moment longer and then disengage and dress. We adjust everything carefully, and then make the long trek down the stairs to the floor.

As I open the door she checks her hair one last time and we enter the maelstrom of light and sound that we had left behind so much earlier. We make for the door, both knowing that we are done for the night.

We burst through into a cool, clear night, the sounds of the band and the revellers fading behind us. As we stand, quiet and motionless, she smiles and rises on her toes to kiss my cheek.

Thanks for the dance, she says. I really enjoyed it.

Me too, I answer, my broad grin twinkling in the dim light outside.

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